Sunday, July 10, 2011


when i'm driving late at night and i get that lofty, dissociated feeling i drive down the hill by my house with no brakes and it feels like a roller coaster and i feel alive for just a moment when that sharpness hits my stomach

Thursday, July 7, 2011


sometimes i get really bad migraines.

my head just screams and i'm sore and tired and everything makes me want to cry.

like how i had to stay late at work because the till was off and then i didn't get to go on a hike and someone wants me to go out but i am broke and have to work in the morning and my boyfriend broke the cell phone i bought him two days ago and i can't get a hold of him and there's nothing in the fridge except for old hummus and some wrinkly mushrooms and a lot of condiments and pepperoni but i don't eat meat and i tell my mom there's nothing to eat and she says "oh but there's plenty" so i hide in my room with a pudding and a half can of pringles for my dinner and now my mom's on the phone complaining loudly about insignificant things and i want to shake her and tell her to open her eyes but she would never listen and

suddenly this seems to be about a bit more than a headache.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

remember when i blogged

i think the problem here is that i was trying to run a serious blog and i am a very not serious person. so i'm going to try and resume writing on here, because writing is good for the soul, right? yeah. that's what i thought.