Thursday, September 1, 2011

right. i'm set to start school in T minus 5 days. not gonna lie, i'm scared shitless. i think that my brain's deteriorated so much since high school that i'm just going to implode the second i walk into calculus. barf. oh well, i'm just gonna give'er so hard, not even have a social life, until i master this shizz and walk outta there with a  5.5 GPA and march my ass down to Vic for the big time show. ugh.
being so grown up kind of disgusts me.
i don't like it. it's scary. no more breaks, no exceptions, you're tried as an adult because YOU ARE AN ADULT. with bills to pay and responsibilities and jobs and relationships and cars and lifes and GROSS
nope. can i just call in sick to life?