Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey guys! I have been fairly busy lately, with work and summer festivities... But all is going fairly well! I've got a bit less than a month left living on my own on my island, before I get to come back to the real world... ick! Oh well. I've started painting, it's so fun! I'll have to paint some more and show you guys. Aaand... I don't know, haha. Oh yeah! My hair dying! The winner is... Manic Panic. It stayed in much longer, and didn't spread all over my un-dyed hair. However, I did buy some blacklight pink Manic Panic, left it in my bangs for an hour, and it faded in about three days. I was majorly disappointed. Oh well, as soon as autumn happens, I'm dying my hair back to brown anyways! I'm nervous and excited. I'm also thinking of dreading my hair... but leaving the bangs and front bit normal. I saw a girl with hair like that at Carrington and it looked wicked! Mmm. Well, anyways, I'm going to get going... I think I will get my nose re-pierced today! Excitement! I miss it so much! See you lovelies later... Oh, and have a song. ♥

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hey guys! It's cold and rainy and pooey here for the first time in over a month! Craziness! So, I'm mumping it up and sitting in my trailer, cruising the web and munching out. So, I've decided to share some links with you in case you would like to virtually mump out with me!
(Oh, and mumping: (verb) to sit in your housecoat and eat comfort foods in front of your computer for hours on end in an attempt to cheer yourself up.)
the N - I have no clue how I found this website, but it's for some television channel that's not available where I am. I like doing their quizzes, and sometimes they have interesting articles and stuff. Their Thing du Jour feature is usually pretty neat, too!
Prima Storia - This is a collection of short fictional stories... so fun to read when you have nothing to do! I love the one about the cat.
I Wrote This For You - I just found this yesterday, and spent hours going through it. I have no clue how to describe it. Just check it out. It's beautiful!
BONER PARTY!!! - A tribute to all things boner-worthy. Super cute!
Ctrl-Alt-Del - I love webcomics. Especially this one! It's got such a good storyline, sometimes I wonder if I'm only staying alive so I can read the next comic. Seriously. Have a whole day to waste? Read this from the beginning. It's about gaming, life, love, friends, randomness... mmm.
this is my heart. it is a good heart. - I also just found this yesterday, and I absolutely adore the quotes and pictures. ♥
PostSecret - I read this every Sunday. I'm not sure what it is about reading anonymous secrets, but it really makes me feel a part of something? Check it out, you might become addicted.
The Hype Machine - This is a wonderful website. It's helped me find such great music, and you can listen to music for free without even having to download it, so it's super useful if you're near a computer and really want to hear a certain song.
Sunshine monologue. - This is another beautiful blog. The author has such a way with words, and the way that they're all written on a typewriter is so neat! I think I fell in love with him after reading a couple pages. And, I downloaded the mixtape on it, and it's absolutely wonderful!

So there you have it - a couple things to hopefully keep you entertained. After all, it's better than refreshing facebook repeatedly~
lovelovelove! and please, keep smiling!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Pirates by ryanbarlin
Hey guys! I'm in my hometown for the weekend for my family reunion. Every year we have a themed get-together... this year, it's pirates! I'm super stoked, me and my mom went to a costume rental shop to get some wicked gear. I'll try and get some pictures taken because seriously, I think I kind of want to dress like a pirate for the rest of my life. Haha! Oh, and also, when I go back tomorrow morning it is my beau's birthday, and we're celebrating with an island tiki-themed party too! I just absolutely adore themed parties, don't you? Why don't you have a themed party soon? Any reason to celebrate is good enough for me! Here's some ideas I'm just dying to try:
  • Gangster party- Dress up in your gang colors and bring water pistols, drinking of Patron, Hennesy and Grey Goose is strongly encouraged. Or, gin and juice works well. This is the most fun if you and your party goers are not very gangster to begin with!
  • Rubik's Cube Party- Come dressed with every article of clothing a different color, and swap clothing throughout the night until you are all one color. Fruity drinks all around, and games of Twister galore!
  • Fairy Tale Tea Party- More of a girly get-together, but come dressed up as if from your favorite fairy tale, and enjoy tea and magical cupcakes out of oversized dishware.
  • Senior's Sunset Cruise- I got this idea from my friend Georgia, but I think it sounds awesome! Everyone goes thrifting for outfits their grandparents would wear, and then get together for some hot tubbing and cribbage (and maybe a couple fizzy pops, too! ;D)
  • Letter Party- Pick a letter of the night, and everyone has to come as something that starts with that letter.
  • 1950's - Everyone has hippie parties, disco parties and 80's nights. Why not switch it up a bit and take it back a decade? Full skirts, greasers, hot rods, milkshakes, and some hip tunes to twist to? I think it sounds like a blast!
So why don't you give one a try? If you've got a cool idea, just let me know, I always adore new ideas!
♥ Mishaaa~