Saturday, May 30, 2009

candy candy candy!

Mmmm! I spent all my change on candy... and I'm SO HAPPY! Hehe.
I just wanted to say that I found the coolest earrings ever at the thrift store. They don't really work in my ears well because I have 6g plugs, but I make them happen.

Pay phones?! Seriously!! I love them, and they make jingly noises when I walk, which is super cool. I wore them the other day on a walk around town running errands and picking flowers...I really liked my outfit. I felt sorta vintage/rockabilly or something, and the cool part is, the whole outfit was from thrift stores! (Except for the bandanna... "You can't be both crips and bloods, give me that! Yoink.) I also found a bunch of body jewellery in original packaging at the thrift store for really cheap! I got three new posts and a ball for my monroe, a metal ball for my navel and a whoooooole bunch of nose rings... my nose isn't pierced anymore but I want to get it re-done, and I have some friends who would probably appreciate some more jewellery!

Oh yeah! Another random thing - I was stranded downtown and went into a funky store and bought a bunch of semi-precious stones that are supposed to have healing properties. Tigers Eye for courage, Bloodstone for good circulation, Peridot for banning jealousy, and Smoky Quartz to fight depression. I'll let you know if I notice anything drastic happen ;)

Lovelovelove! Meeee~ ♥

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, I started my day with the brilliant idea to customize my messenger with sound clips from the n64 Legend of Zelda games... (having Navi shout "HEY!" whenever someone messages me is so cute haha, the item fanfare when someone signs in kind of gives me a heart attack though.) And, after a thorough conversation with my equally nerdy friend, I decided to dress like a Kokiri child today. That's one of the forest dwellers, for those non-Zelda obsessees. What I find silly is that all these things came out of my everyday wardrobe. Fantastic!

I also figured out what was up with my camera... I had accidentally changed all the settings to manual, whoops! Oh well, I might go on a forest adventure in a bit and take some better pictures. And, if you happen to dig Zelda as much as I do, then do I ever have something for you! A super sweet picture I found on deviantart earlier, which is now my desktop background. It's really well done, I think. Here's the link! Haha, personally I found it hilarious when I was browsing through Zelda themed pictures and I clicked "Open Link in New Tab"... 'cause Link's the main character... ohh my. :) Have a wonderful day! Love, meee~ ♥


Well, I've definitely found the connection between those two words. My town has suffered hard from the economic recession, a once proud town based off natural resources forced to close down its mills and maybe mines? (I've been slacking on keeping up to date with the news, yikes.) Either way, it's been really difficult to find an entry-level job now, and lots of people are moving away to look for employment elsewhere. I, for one, have decided to stick it out in town looking for work a little bit longer... not to mention that I'm flat broke and couldn't leave this town even if I wanted to! Blegh! Thus, I am stuck in a very unwelcome spot... no job, no money to move out of my parents' pad, or get my license (not that I could anyways, I have an irrational fear of traffic, left turns, and driving examiners with sunglasses and beards), and no money for university. Not to mention, no money for fun summer road trips... I fear I'm being forced to sell my Shambhala ticket (WAAH!) so I can afford to keep paying my cell phone bill. Lame-OH!
So what in the hell does my money situation have to do with my blog, my dears?

Well! No money for me means no extravagant shopping sprees, or supa-cool new outfits, or lovely shoes... essentially, limited stuff to blog about. I could talk about how fun it is living without money... but that's lying, hahah. Besides, being jobless living with my mom just doesn't make for much excitement. Not to mention my recession-depression! When your day consists of eat, sleep, facebook, twitter, messenger and more eat, well, it gets to you. Especially when you're a socially awkward geek chick! Augh!

So I surmise that for you, my reader(s?) that this must have been a somewhat boring read. But, I figured getting what's in my head out was probably a good idea! And now you can understand why I fail miserably at regular, interesting updates. Excellent!

So, what did I do today? A whole lot of not much! I did kind of take some outfit pictures though, so here you go!

As you can see, I was using the fujifilm, but it was doing something funky... not automatically adjusting for lighting conditions or something. I tried editing them to bring them closer to normal, but a lot of the color was lost. For example, those plaid pants are bright red and black. They're pretty funky, remind me of a No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani, and I got them from a thrift store for five bucks! Mmmm. Deals. Actually, the butterfly belt came from a thrift store too... I think it was a dollar or something. I've actually seen quite a few of these belts in different colors, I may have to snatch them up. And the shirt, well, it's just one of those stretchy black tanks from Bootlegger. Nothing too special. Anyways, those pants are busy enough, I figure!

So, this concludes my blog post for today (tonight?). And I think it's due time for me to crawl into bed! Much love to everyone! ♥

Saturday, May 23, 2009

moccasokkasokkasins <3

Remember how I had that little obsession over moccasins a while back? Well I'd just like to let you know that I GOT MY HANDS ON A PAIR WOOOOT! They're from the thrift store I volunteer at, and they were supposed to be at least fifty dollars but the fur ripped and is starting to fall off. So, I saved them from the garbage for a whopping twenty-five cents! HOLY CRAPPO! I'm in love. They fit me perfectly and keep my feet oh so toasty... the falling fur is a cause for concern, since they're so old (hello, vintage!?) that the skin is cracking and sewing it just rips it more (trust me, I tried...), but I'm going to get a hot glue gun and massacre the fur back on them! LOVELOVELOVE Here's some pics, by they way it's a gorgeous day!

Mmmm, love. And since it's so wonderful out I think it's time to share some music I've been diggin' recently! BEAT RADIO <3 So amazingly wonderful, unfortunately I couldn't find a youtube video that does them justice so if you follow the link there's some free mp3's! Fantastic!
Anyways, I must be off to fix my booties. Farewell, ♥~ Meee

Monday, May 18, 2009

I don't want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o' cola!

Things! Are! Getting! Better!
I've been spending some time with myself, started volunteering at my local thrift store (which could possibly turn into a job! Glee! Money!!) and while my social life is still a muddle puddle of confusion, I've got a couple good people to hang out with again. Even though it's pretty much summer, I've dwindled away my savings and getting to Shambhala is looking bleak, I'm alright. The other day, some good friends of mine and I went on a nature walk through the woods and to the ocean.. it was so beautiful!Yay! I found batteries for MY camera! It's not the Fujifilm s1000, which takes gorgeous pics... that's my momma's. No, I have the glorious HP Photosmart M425... a.k.a. The Grey Beast. It's only 5.0 megapixels, with 3x optical zoom... but it's MINE, all mine, I can take it wherever I want, photograph whatever I want, and drop it as hard as I want! (...Which is why I never get my mom's camera, I'm fairly clumsy.) Add Image Haha! Creepy face on tv~
So this is what I look like while I'm blogging, apparently. Note the fashionable double-hoodie action for extra warmth (Mother doesn't believe in the furnace going in spring, apparently.), and freshly cut bangs, complete with stray out of place chunks of hair! Woohoo! I also included a pic of my smexy desk/blogstation (I got the desk itself when I was about 8 or 9 from my grandma)... Here's a breakdown!
  • Logitech Quickcam somethingoranother- This is my webcam. It takes decent quality thingers, makes me look super pale, I likee.
  • Altec Lansing speakers (upper right corner)- MMM best birthday present ever. These lil badboys feature a banging subwoofer, and for their size and cheapness I would say they're the best thing that ever happened to my desk area.
  • Acer monitor w/ iTunes- Yeah. I like itunes. If I could get my hands on a really old version of winamp, I'd use that, but I find this is the next best as for organization and ease of use. The monitor, well, it's a monitor. I don't like widescreen 'cause it stretches all my shizz.
  • Burnt CD & Discman- It's how I roll. I never seem to have time to update my stupid iPod, so I have a gazillion burnt cd's rolling around. This particular cd is the first one I ever made! It's awful!
  • Cup o Tea- Essential. Orange pekoe with a bit of cream and a half spoonful of sugar, plz.
  • Other stuff- Picture of my dad and I as a baby, Mom's reading glasses, post-it with important phone numbers, electrical tape (?), lottery ticket (not a winner!), super-cheap optical mouse that came with our computer, pink cover for my cellphone (motokrzr k1m represent!) and... lots of crumbs. I like to eat at the computer.
So this is where my magic happens. And I was wondering, my faithful followers (LOL), if you would think it fun to share the spot where your blog comes from? Post a pic, write a story, anything! Lovelovelove, ♥ Meeeee~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

just dropping in...

I was browsing the Wet Seal website (my mom's going to Reno soon and I want her to pick me up some foreign clothing!) and I was blown away by the amazing dresses. Holyyy!I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS IT IS ALL I EVER WANTED IN A DRESS AND BY THE WAY I'D PROBABLY BE A SIZE MEDIUM. OH. MY. GOD. haha I adore the shape! The color is beautiful! And the pattern? YUM. The Sublimation is the perfect name for this bad boy. (girl?)
This is adorable. I would wear it everywhere... to the pier for some ice cream, to a music festival, downtown shopping, a lakeside bonfire... Love. And it's fifteen dollars (american, BUT STILL!) Droooool.
This is so sexaaay... and cute! It also comes in fuschia, but I decided to post the black version for some variety... I'm really drawn to little pink dresses right now! This dress is also $23.50 (as is the top one)... so affordable! GAH!

My name is Mishelle, and I'm a cute, strapless little dress addict.

And of course, I just had to look at the shoes. There are so many cute and cheap shoes! It was really difficult to pick one pair to show you, but these are what I would wear with any of those three dresses:Black strappy sandal with 4.5 inch heel- $26.50
Cute pink dress- $23.50
Looking absolutely fantastic- $PRICELESS ♥

P.S. Thank you for the well wishes! A little sunbeam is beginning to light up my life... :)