Saturday, May 23, 2009

moccasokkasokkasins <3

Remember how I had that little obsession over moccasins a while back? Well I'd just like to let you know that I GOT MY HANDS ON A PAIR WOOOOT! They're from the thrift store I volunteer at, and they were supposed to be at least fifty dollars but the fur ripped and is starting to fall off. So, I saved them from the garbage for a whopping twenty-five cents! HOLY CRAPPO! I'm in love. They fit me perfectly and keep my feet oh so toasty... the falling fur is a cause for concern, since they're so old (hello, vintage!?) that the skin is cracking and sewing it just rips it more (trust me, I tried...), but I'm going to get a hot glue gun and massacre the fur back on them! LOVELOVELOVE Here's some pics, by they way it's a gorgeous day!

Mmmm, love. And since it's so wonderful out I think it's time to share some music I've been diggin' recently! BEAT RADIO <3 So amazingly wonderful, unfortunately I couldn't find a youtube video that does them justice so if you follow the link there's some free mp3's! Fantastic!
Anyways, I must be off to fix my booties. Farewell, ♥~ Meee


  1. Those are super cute. I used to have a pair like them. Aren't they called mukluks when they come above the ankle, though?

  2. Haha, probably. But mukluk rhymes with yuck... I think moccasin booties sound cooler!