Thursday, May 7, 2009

just dropping in...

I was browsing the Wet Seal website (my mom's going to Reno soon and I want her to pick me up some foreign clothing!) and I was blown away by the amazing dresses. Holyyy!I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS IT IS ALL I EVER WANTED IN A DRESS AND BY THE WAY I'D PROBABLY BE A SIZE MEDIUM. OH. MY. GOD. haha I adore the shape! The color is beautiful! And the pattern? YUM. The Sublimation is the perfect name for this bad boy. (girl?)
This is adorable. I would wear it everywhere... to the pier for some ice cream, to a music festival, downtown shopping, a lakeside bonfire... Love. And it's fifteen dollars (american, BUT STILL!) Droooool.
This is so sexaaay... and cute! It also comes in fuschia, but I decided to post the black version for some variety... I'm really drawn to little pink dresses right now! This dress is also $23.50 (as is the top one)... so affordable! GAH!

My name is Mishelle, and I'm a cute, strapless little dress addict.

And of course, I just had to look at the shoes. There are so many cute and cheap shoes! It was really difficult to pick one pair to show you, but these are what I would wear with any of those three dresses:Black strappy sandal with 4.5 inch heel- $26.50
Cute pink dress- $23.50
Looking absolutely fantastic- $PRICELESS ♥

P.S. Thank you for the well wishes! A little sunbeam is beginning to light up my life... :)

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  1. OMG I miss Wet Seal - what an amazing store! They always have super cheap deals - like 2 for $10 racks?! So lovely... >.<