Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, I started my day with the brilliant idea to customize my messenger with sound clips from the n64 Legend of Zelda games... (having Navi shout "HEY!" whenever someone messages me is so cute haha, the item fanfare when someone signs in kind of gives me a heart attack though.) And, after a thorough conversation with my equally nerdy friend, I decided to dress like a Kokiri child today. That's one of the forest dwellers, for those non-Zelda obsessees. What I find silly is that all these things came out of my everyday wardrobe. Fantastic!

I also figured out what was up with my camera... I had accidentally changed all the settings to manual, whoops! Oh well, I might go on a forest adventure in a bit and take some better pictures. And, if you happen to dig Zelda as much as I do, then do I ever have something for you! A super sweet picture I found on deviantart earlier, which is now my desktop background. It's really well done, I think. Here's the link! Haha, personally I found it hilarious when I was browsing through Zelda themed pictures and I clicked "Open Link in New Tab"... 'cause Link's the main character... ohh my. :) Have a wonderful day! Love, meee~ ♥

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  1. Yayyy for gamer girls. We were on the same wavelength today.