Saturday, May 29, 2010

Song love!

Hey, lovelies! If you couldn't guess, I haven't had much exciting stuff to do lately. I spend a lot of time just listening to music and playing Solitaire! The more I listen to my music, the more I pay attention to the lyrics. And I just love beautiful lyrics! So, here's a song that I am totally enamored with right now.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 28

                                   Basking in the sun... under a different tree this time!

      I have internet again! Hurrah! That's probably the most exciting thing going on for me right now, haha! I just finished my first housekeeping shift this year, and I am super tired! It was a very long day. Now, I need to figure out what to have for dinner. There's so much delicious healthy food over here, it's fantastic! I've accidentally been eating a really healthy vegan diet, because dairy products and eggs are super expensive. I really don't mind it at all! So, this week, I'm loving....
       ♥ Almond Breeze! It's really tasty, a great milk alternative, and it doesn't hurt my tummy like soy milk does! Yay! ♥ Sunshine! I love sunshine! There's been one sunny day in the past week, but I don't care! One is better than none, ♥ Tea! I love tea, forever and always. ♥ Zack's gonna get his ears pierced, and I'm gonna go with him! This excites me! ♥ Warmer weather! I know we're just about to head into Juneuary, but there's bound to be a couple really nice days here and there. I can't wait to go swimming in the ocean on really hot days, or canoeing in the lake! It's going to be a blast. ♥ Nintendo 64! Probably my favorite video game system, other than Super Nintendo. ♥
      Well, I'm super hungry, so the only other thing I can think about is food! I need to go start getting dinner ready. Hm, what to have? I'm feeling lazy, so I'm thinking.... pizza! Yum! Have a great weekend, my lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why Not? Wednesday, May 26

     Hello, my lovelies! This Wednesday, why not move to a stupid little island where it is realy hard to find an internet connection? Because that's definitely what I did, boo! In order to post today, I had to hitchhike all the way across the island, and find a hotspot under a giant tree in the rain. True story! I've got a soggy laptop to prove it!
      But seriously, today, why not take a step in changing something in your life? It doesn't have to be as big as just packing up and moving somewhere exciting, but it could be! Do something daring that you've wanted to do for a while! You'll never know if you don't try! Good luck, my dearests, and hopefully I will talk to you soon! There's no guarantee that I'll be able to make my usual posts, but I will try as hard as I can. ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Curious Tuesday 4

 1. Who is your favourite musician, NOT in terms of talent or aptitude, but based on pure sex appeal?
♥ I'm tired of saying Jim Morrison, so... Lil' Wayne! Weird, right?

2. What were some quirks of your past lovers that drove you crazy?
♥ Clingyness, insecurity, over-emotional behavior, trying to change me, loud eating/drinking/pooping, uhm... I could go on, haha!

3. If there was a movie made about your life, what song would you absolutely INSIST be on the soundtrack?
♥ Vivrant Thing by A Tribe Called Quest! 

4. What is your favourite quote right now?
♥ "You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened ... Or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on" -- Tupac

5. Connect up with other nonpareils! Post links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., here! (We haven’t done this in a long time & it’s so much fun! Thanks to Vixxie for reminding me!)
♥ and, of course, !

Monday, May 24, 2010

I just wanted to say...

      That my life might juts be a bit more awesome if I had these boots to wear all day, every day.
      They are just so lovely! So, instead of packing like I should, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on Polyvore imagining just what I would wear if I ever managed to get them. Voila...

Musical Monday - May 24

       Good day, lovelies! I have had a major lack of structure in my last few days, so I do apologize for my blog posts being all over the place! I'm moving back to Cortes tomorrow, and so far I have packed... nothing. Hah! I'm such a huge procrastinator. Oh well, as long as it gets done in time, right? Exactly! So, here's a song. I haven't really been feeling much music lately, boo! This has been like, one of my favorite songs for so long now. The lyrics are amazing, have a look!
                                            [image via: ♥]
Atmosphere - Summer Song

She came back to visit, she says
'Cause in some ways, Minneapolis is more real than L.A.
But I won't go to the triple-rock on a Tuesday
Too many people pop out of they pimples and play
And at night, we can watch these people in these bars
They're all insane, they all know my name
Who won the game? no one's in pain
But either way girl, I'm glad you came
And if the elements and irrelevance I strain
Hair's wet, who cares if it's sweat or rain
As long as it doesn't leave a permanent stain
It's all in vain if there's nothing left to gain
And somethin's in the way she looks at her prey
There's no way she'll allow you to live
Swallow the fight, inhale the night
There's not much else left for you to give
Who's leaving (who's leaving)? there she goes
Who's leaving (who's leaving)?
Who's breathing (who's breathing)
as opposed to who's bleeding (who's bleeding)
 Caress the rooftop and stare at the space
For the flesh that you gave just to get a taste
It goes... nothing comes close
Scream with a smile and choke boy choke
Passion come death, and death bring power
At the top of the hour we sing for the monster
And here she goes, with that look in her eyes
The souls of those that got took by surprise
Crooked little smile that clings to her lips
On a night like this I sing for the bitch

Just a lonely summer
Slowly dying
I was smiling hard
But I was lying

So what's the time? it's almost time for her to go to work
The sun is shining but I'm the shadow of my smirk
I keep my breathin' under my breath
Tucked within the untrimmed bushes next to her front steps
And when she leaves to make trek towards the bus stop
My love erupts (POPS) a thousand tiny blood clots
Damn I wish that she was mine but time and time over the discretion
On my right shoulder whispers to my ear
Advising me to admire from way over here, play the rear
And struggle for the view to clear
It's been 2 years and quite a few beers
Too many loose tears and a few souvenirs
And if she only knew, how long I've waited for her
How her smiles enough to make my winter warmer
If she knew the way she walks could take away my storm
She'd probably call the cops and get a restraining order
As much as I hate myself, I hate you more
But I still smile when you come through that door
And as much as I hate my life, I hate yours too
Just can't seem to teach myself to ignore you
This is for the ladies, not every lady
Just the ones that drive me crazy, the ones that scream, "Save me!"
I wanna thank y'all for everything you gave me
Now lean in and taste me (kiss)

Right up to your face and kiss you!

♥ ♥ ♥ Wonderful! Have a good monday loves xoxo

Friday, May 21, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 21

        Good morning my lovelies! It's Friday again, already! Wow! This year is just flying past. Craaazy. Today I rolled outta bed onto my computer and started playing Nirvana really loudly. Nothing like some energetic music to get you going in the morning! Wheeeeee. Today, I'm lovin'...
♥ Rain! The more we get right now, the less likely it is that there'll be forest fires later in the season!
♥ One of my seeds sprouted! Hurrah! I only planted like, over a hundred.... but one's a start, right?
♥ Tea! I love drinking tea every morning. It's like a warm cup of happy!
♥ Tom Petty. OMGHEISPLAYINGINAMONTHANDIDON'TGETTOGOWAAAAAAAH. So upset. At least my BFF is going ... without me... one of us will get to experience him! Haha.
♥ Zebra print sheets! I thought someone had bought the ones I'd had my eyes on for a long time, but they were just hiding! Yay!
♥ Getting film developed! I have to scan everything first, but they'll be on my flickr soon! Some of them turned out really well. Others, well... I'm still learning!
♥ Getting rid of stuff! I'm a disgustingly huge pack rat. But, I totally gutted my wardrobe and gave away all the stuff that doesn't delight me when I wear it! Two garbage bags! Now I don't have much clothing left, but at least I like everything I kept.
♥ Zack's truck! He bought a cheap little Sonoma and it's delightful! We're gonna fix it up and put the canoe on it for camping trips.
♥ Sushi! Who doesn't love sushi? Weird people, that's who. ♥
      Have a great weekend, my loves! It's MAY LONG! YEAH! I hope you all have great fun-filled camping trips and beach fires and parties and whatever tickles your fancy! xoxo ♥

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Not? Forget to Post on a Wednesday!

                               [image via: ♥]
       Hello sweets! Dreadfully sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! It was my last day at my current job, and by the time I got home I was so tired and out of ideas that I just couldn't do it. I asked Zack for some suggestions and all he had was "Why not do something special for your boyfriend?" Hah! Well, I guess it's better than nothing. Do something nice for someone today!  Doesn't have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be for your parent, friend, stranger, or kitty cat! Doing something nice for someone is an easy way to feel great! Plus, if you're constantly throwing good karma around, it's definitely going to come back to you! Have a wonderful day, me loves! ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curious Tuesday 3

      Hello, my dears! Sorry about the late post! I woke up late and had to rush to work, and then after a long long shift my friend came over and we talked about kitties for a long time and it was quite lovely. But now I am here, to satisfy your craving for useless knowledge! Hurrah!

1. Who is your #1 crush?
 ♥ Uhm, that's tricky. Celebrity wise? JIM MORRISON, hands down. Real live people? My Zackawie, duh.

2. Have you ever tried online dating? How did it go? Any tips?
 ♥ Nope! I don't feel like people on the internet exist until I meet them in real life. I'd much rather get to know someone face to face.

3. Are you sentimental? Do you keep the things other people give you? 
 ♥ Am I ever! I have a few shoeboxes full of trinkets, notes, food wrappers, sticks, scraps, car parts, toys... Each one has a special memory attached to it! I think I'm just worried that because I have such awful memory, I may forget those special moments that brought me joy so long ago. And that would break my heart! I also have a big tote full of my old favorite clothing in case I have a teenage daughter one day.

4. As a child, what were your primary interests?
 ♥ Monster trucks? Hahah, uhm music, video games (pokemon!), Egypt and reading books would be pretty up there too.

5. What are your top 3 guilty pleasures?
 ♥ Really "bad" music, like late 90's pop, early 00's rap, and pop-punk. Shh, I'm hardcore, I swear!
♥ Shopping! I am such a girl, it's so awful.
♥ Staying up really late at night looking at pretty pictures on Tumblr until it feels like my eyes will shrivel up and drop out of my skull.

      And there you have it! You should answer the questions, too! And if you have any questions, I would be glad to try and answer them. Have a great night, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, May 17, 2010

Musical Monday - May 17

      Good morning, my dears! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Now we're here to start another week, yay! Summer's fast approaching here. I can't wait to work on my garden and get ready to move this week! So, here's something super uppity to prep you for an amazing week!
Passion Pit - Little Secrets
      I can't remember how this song wandered its way onto my computer, but I really like it! It's really great for cheering me up when I'm feeling down. I hope you love it as much as I do! Have a fantabulous week! ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, May 14, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 14

    Good day, lovelies! How are you this fine morning? I feel great, because I know that summer is well on it's way! Yesterday me and Zack painted his canoe, then we had sushi and went on a lovely walk. We took some really neat pictures! I'm hoping to drop off some film today so there will be more pictures soon! Hurrah! So today, I'm really amped on...

♥ Painting canoes! So fun! ♥ Thrifting today (hopefully) ♥ More sun! ♥ Living in such a beautiful place ♥ Pharell & Snoop Dogg ♥ Iced Capps ♥ Homemade pina coladas ♥ Weather warm enough to wear dresses all day! ♥ Going on walks ♥ Really loud music ♥ Everyone getting their packages! YAY! ♥ Listening to Shaggy in the morning hehe! ♥ Flip-flops ♥ The smell of sunscreen... yum! ♥ Ice cream from the Pier ♥
     Big smiles all around! I hope you have a great weekend, you fantastic being, you! xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Loving Animals while Looking Great!

      Hello lovelies! Did you know that I absolutely adore animals? I really do! That's why when I am shopping for cosmetics, I always try and find brands that don't test on animals. You don't need to go to an expensive store to find these products, either! There's a lot of widely-available drugstore brands which are cruelty free. Here's some of my favorites!

      For hair care, right now I am loving Down Under Natural's. They're a Canadian company that you can find in most supermarkets. Their hair products are made with biodegradable ingredients, they're free of sulphates (which are damaging to your hair and the environment!), they're not tested on animals, and they only cost around two to three dollars! Plus, they smell really nice and fruity, and they actually work well! Before, I was using Green Beaver shampoo and conditioner. They're made with completely natural organic ingredients, and are also a Canadian company. However, the bottles set me back about $9 (each!) and I found you had to use a lot of product to get it to work decently. It did smell like cranberries, though, and I got lots of compliments on how my hair smelled!
      As for skin care, I actually don't use many products. I find that the best things you can do for you skin is to drink a lot of water, eat well, and sleep a lot! I can eat like, three chocolate bars and my skin will be fine, but go for a night of binge drinking and fast food and in the next morning, it will definitely show on my complexion! Other than that, I wash my face with warm water before bed, and I moisturize with JASON Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil. For zits or weird blotchy areas, I use Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. It's a natural antiseptic, and works wonders on my face!
      Sometimes, it's hard to find good makeup that isn't tested on animals. My favorite company right now is NYX. Their eyeshadow is super pigmented, and I think they're pretty much like the poor girl's MAC!
     Above is some of their eye products, just put on my hand with a damp brush. The thinner purple line is an eye/eyebrow pencil in 917 Purple, and the eyeshadow from top to bottom is Prune, Purple, Cool Blue, Chick, and Tropical. They also make a wicked mascara, and from what I've heard, their nail polish is pretty good too! I get all my NYX products at a Save-On Foods, but I'm sure they're pretty easy to find. I can't remember the exact price of everything, but it's a little bit higher than other drugstore brands though not much. Other cosmetic brands I dig are Physician's Formula, Bonne Bell and Revlon, all which don't test their products on animals! Hurrah!
      If you ever are curious what companies test on animals and which don't, the Caring Consumer website has a very thorough list, and there is even a printable guide that you can bring shopping! I know that the website is sponsored by PETA, but don't worry, it's not super brainwashy or anything! I know that PETA can be quite pushy with their campaigns, and though I'm all for animal rights, even I don't agree with all of their stuff (Calling fish "sea kittens" to discourage eating it? Umm, no). Anyway, I hope this helps you out a bit! Have a great day, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥
      ps. I did this of my own free will, no companies paid me or bribed me or anything! I bought all of the products myself. SO THERE!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Not? Wednesday, May 12

                                              [image via: ♥]
     Good morning, lovelies! Do you have a dream journal? Neither do I! But why don't we start one? I always have really weird and confusing dreams. I think writing them down and analyzing them later could be really interesting! For example, I just had a dream that I was at some place (that was a lot like a high school?) where there were concerts happening, and I was with all my friends. Then, as we were about to leave someone told me that Atmosphere was about to perform and there were door tickets for only $10! So, I got really excited and asked Zack if we could stay, and he said yes. There was much screaming and jumping up and down for joy! But when we got to the room where it was, they told us that there were no door tickets! We snuck in anyways and sat down at the front and Zack told me to just hand them ten dollars when they asked me for my ticket. I woke up just as the bouncer started coming around... eep! It was sort of scary! I'm pretty sure I had like a gazillion other dreams before that, but I can only remember bits and snippets like, um, a truck at night time. I wish I could remember everything I dream! What about you? Do you dream vividly every night? Or do you rarely remember your slumberous adventures? ♥ ♥ ♥

Monday, May 10, 2010

Musical Monday - May 10

      Today's Musical Monday is dedicated to my BFF, for sending me Enrique videos to wake up to! Now that's what I call a morning!

Enrique Iglesias - Escape

      Have a great morning, my dears! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy's Day!

      Yay for mommies! I love my Mommy, she's the bestest. She's super tough and funny and is always supportive of whatever I'm doing! I'm forever thankful that I am blessed to have her as my mother. To show my appreciation, I made her a really yummy dinner- Asparagus and Orange Salad with Ginger Dressing, and Snapper on Angel Hair (linguine, actually) with Citrus Cream. She said it was really wonderful, which is awesome because usually I can barely make toast without ruining it! Hurrah! Now, I'm off to actually clean the kitchen up. Have a great night! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, May 7, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 7

      YEAH! We made it through another week, hurrah! I am so happy for ...

♥ Gardening in my little garden! ♥ Sunshine! Moremoremore! ♥ Cranberries in mah cereal ♥ Nature walks ♥ Almost being done working in town! Last day is the 18th! ♥ Almond milk ♥ Girly adventures set to horrible music ♥ Making dinner for my Mommy for Mother's Day ♥ BFF's and boyfriends ♥ Neon nail polish ♥ Listening to Bikini Kill copiously while tidying my room ♥ Wearing cute dresses with my Doc Martins ♥ MOTORHOME LIVING AWE YEAH ♥
      Have a wonderful and lovely fun-filled weekend, my dears! xoxo ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why Not? Wednesday, May 5

                                               [image via: ♥]
      Good day lovelies! Today, why don't you make a fort? Blanket, tree, pillow, snow... any kind is fun! I think I am going to try and make a tipi. I've always wanted to, and ever since my mom told me that in the 1970's she had friends that lived in a tipi, well, that only made me want to even more! So awesome! Good luck, my dears! ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Curious Tuesday 2

                                   [via: ♥]
1. What are you most excited for RIGHT NOW?
 ♥ SUMMER! No wait, planting my garden! YEAH! I got seeds and a spade yesterday. So stoked.
2. Who is your style icon? What inspires your look?
♥ I'd actually have to say Gala! She inspires me to dress to make myself feel amazing.
3. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you invite?
♥ Hoooo... I think my Dad and Grandpa, because I never got a chance to know them. It would be interesting to see where I came from!
4. What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?
♥ The first one ever, I think my mom dressed me up as a clown, But the first one I remember, I was a witch! I trick-or-treated with my friend who was dressed up as Godzilla, ahhaha! 
5. What are you improving?
♥ Lots of things! Trying to be more productive, loving myself more, independence, cooking skills... There will always be something I am trying to improve upon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Musical Monday - May 3

     Oh wow, is it really Monday already? I thought it was still Sunday, gee I am very mixed up lately. How awful! Anyways, have some nice pretty music to remind you of the summer which is fast approaching!

                                          [via weheartit ♥]
Weezer - Island in the Sun
Mark Farina - Dream Machine
People Under The Stairs - Acid Raindrops

      Have a great week, loveies! ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh feck, I forgot about Friday!

      OHMIGOSH I am so sorry, haha! I was so busy playing Pokemon since I got it on Thursday that I forgot all about which day it was! So, what am I stoked on this week? New shoes! I don't have a picture 'cause I'm not at home, but they're neon Vans! So so so bright and fun. I'm also stoked that me and my mommy went shopping, and she got me Pokemon HeartGold as a belated Easter gift! Hurrah! It's so fun. And I am also very happy about Zack. There, I said it! He's a dear. I'm very glad to have friends, it's quite a fun feeling. Anyways, I have to go to work, boo! I've been working a lot lately. Which is alright, 'cause that means more money! Woohooo! Have a great day, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥