Friday, May 21, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 21

        Good morning my lovelies! It's Friday again, already! Wow! This year is just flying past. Craaazy. Today I rolled outta bed onto my computer and started playing Nirvana really loudly. Nothing like some energetic music to get you going in the morning! Wheeeeee. Today, I'm lovin'...
♥ Rain! The more we get right now, the less likely it is that there'll be forest fires later in the season!
♥ One of my seeds sprouted! Hurrah! I only planted like, over a hundred.... but one's a start, right?
♥ Tea! I love drinking tea every morning. It's like a warm cup of happy!
♥ Tom Petty. OMGHEISPLAYINGINAMONTHANDIDON'TGETTOGOWAAAAAAAH. So upset. At least my BFF is going ... without me... one of us will get to experience him! Haha.
♥ Zebra print sheets! I thought someone had bought the ones I'd had my eyes on for a long time, but they were just hiding! Yay!
♥ Getting film developed! I have to scan everything first, but they'll be on my flickr soon! Some of them turned out really well. Others, well... I'm still learning!
♥ Getting rid of stuff! I'm a disgustingly huge pack rat. But, I totally gutted my wardrobe and gave away all the stuff that doesn't delight me when I wear it! Two garbage bags! Now I don't have much clothing left, but at least I like everything I kept.
♥ Zack's truck! He bought a cheap little Sonoma and it's delightful! We're gonna fix it up and put the canoe on it for camping trips.
♥ Sushi! Who doesn't love sushi? Weird people, that's who. ♥
      Have a great weekend, my loves! It's MAY LONG! YEAH! I hope you all have great fun-filled camping trips and beach fires and parties and whatever tickles your fancy! xoxo ♥

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