Thursday, May 13, 2010

Loving Animals while Looking Great!

      Hello lovelies! Did you know that I absolutely adore animals? I really do! That's why when I am shopping for cosmetics, I always try and find brands that don't test on animals. You don't need to go to an expensive store to find these products, either! There's a lot of widely-available drugstore brands which are cruelty free. Here's some of my favorites!

      For hair care, right now I am loving Down Under Natural's. They're a Canadian company that you can find in most supermarkets. Their hair products are made with biodegradable ingredients, they're free of sulphates (which are damaging to your hair and the environment!), they're not tested on animals, and they only cost around two to three dollars! Plus, they smell really nice and fruity, and they actually work well! Before, I was using Green Beaver shampoo and conditioner. They're made with completely natural organic ingredients, and are also a Canadian company. However, the bottles set me back about $9 (each!) and I found you had to use a lot of product to get it to work decently. It did smell like cranberries, though, and I got lots of compliments on how my hair smelled!
      As for skin care, I actually don't use many products. I find that the best things you can do for you skin is to drink a lot of water, eat well, and sleep a lot! I can eat like, three chocolate bars and my skin will be fine, but go for a night of binge drinking and fast food and in the next morning, it will definitely show on my complexion! Other than that, I wash my face with warm water before bed, and I moisturize with JASON Vitamin E Pure Beauty Oil. For zits or weird blotchy areas, I use Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. It's a natural antiseptic, and works wonders on my face!
      Sometimes, it's hard to find good makeup that isn't tested on animals. My favorite company right now is NYX. Their eyeshadow is super pigmented, and I think they're pretty much like the poor girl's MAC!
     Above is some of their eye products, just put on my hand with a damp brush. The thinner purple line is an eye/eyebrow pencil in 917 Purple, and the eyeshadow from top to bottom is Prune, Purple, Cool Blue, Chick, and Tropical. They also make a wicked mascara, and from what I've heard, their nail polish is pretty good too! I get all my NYX products at a Save-On Foods, but I'm sure they're pretty easy to find. I can't remember the exact price of everything, but it's a little bit higher than other drugstore brands though not much. Other cosmetic brands I dig are Physician's Formula, Bonne Bell and Revlon, all which don't test their products on animals! Hurrah!
      If you ever are curious what companies test on animals and which don't, the Caring Consumer website has a very thorough list, and there is even a printable guide that you can bring shopping! I know that the website is sponsored by PETA, but don't worry, it's not super brainwashy or anything! I know that PETA can be quite pushy with their campaigns, and though I'm all for animal rights, even I don't agree with all of their stuff (Calling fish "sea kittens" to discourage eating it? Umm, no). Anyway, I hope this helps you out a bit! Have a great day, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥
      ps. I did this of my own free will, no companies paid me or bribed me or anything! I bought all of the products myself. SO THERE!

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