Tuesday, July 21, 2009

baby, are you a badfish too?

Hola! I feel like... happiness. So in celebration of the happy, let's make lists of things we're loving!
  • Hip-hop. Poetry to a beat? Yess please. I'm listening to this song, Acid Raindrops, right now... it's pretty amazing!
  • Sunshine. This is the first summer I've been out enough to actually tan a bit. I am so stoked. And, on a related note...
  • The ocean. Jumping of the roof of a boat on a scorching day into the freezy blue... ahh yes.
  • Short dresses and shorter shorts. 'Nuff said.
  • Friends. I have some! It's rad!
  • Live music. Did I even need to list that?
  • Palm Bay Coolers. The "sophisticated" vodka cooler drink. Comes in a can, looks like soda, tastes like soda, and it's cheaper than beer! Awesome!
  • Boys... yeah... :) Certain ones are most definitely awesome! He wants to take me on a road trip! I LOVE ROAD TRIPS TOOOOoooo ♥
  • Homemade sushi. Totally customized. Yuuuumah.
  • Jelly bracelets. Bringin' back the fad from middle school! Ohh yeah. I have enough left over that I can color coordinate them to my outfits. I'm so cool.
  • Kittens. One of the men who works here's cat is totally preggo, and I'm gonna get a kitten! YAY! (As if I don't already have enough cats at home, oh well!)
Yeah! Awe, I feel great! Please please please, let me know what you're lovin'! ♥ ♥ ♥ Mishaaaa

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

shaaake it.

This is how I rock it, trailer trash steeez. Haha! Anyways, I just was grooving to some tunes and decided that some sharezies was in order. It's been a while anyways!

Anyways, Ima go grab some ice cream! Toodles! ♥

Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh hai

You should date Squidward.

Hooking up with humans is tricky. Have you ever considered seeing a cephalopod? Even if he's currently working as a cashier to pay the bills, Squidward is one of the most artistic, expressive people in Bikini Bottom. He's destined to impress you with his clarinet solos, hand-painted self-portraits, and tastefully-decorated home. Your Squiddybear is one classy guy... and he'd much rather spend time with you than with SpongeBob. Squidward's sarcastic wit may seem abrasive at times, but once you get to know him, you'll realize he's just trying to avoid getting hurt. After you've been dating a while, he'll open up and share his hopes and dreams -- and you won't be able to keep your tentacles off him!

HAHAH! That's friggen radd. ♥

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


...I broke my hair. Did you know you can like, break hair? Not snap in half, it's fine lengthwise, it's just... broken. Haha! No, well... I don't know. I tried to bleach it and dye it pink and blue last night and it just sort of turned out... interesting. I'm going to try and tone it in a little bit and see if that helps... eek!
This is a before picture... See below for the after. Ayee! The blue turned out really really dark and the pink turned purple, and they all ran together. Oh well! Hair grows back... right? Hm... were you slightly curious as to what my natural hair color is? Me too, actually. I shall show thee!
Wow, that was a long time ago. I think I was in grade 11, so... two years ago? I had some sort of undercut so the hair on the sides of my head was only about an inch or two long. Breezy!

Anyways. Uh... something interesting for you folks who really don't give a shit about my hair...
Misha's Product Comparison! *dun dun dun*
When I dyed my hair last night, I used two different types of semi-permanent color. Manic Panic's Divine Wine, and Punky Color's Turquoise. I left them both in for the same amount of time, and my hair was a couple shades off of platinum when I started. I found that the Punky Color was a lot more thick than the Manic Panic, and it smelled much better (think grape juice compared to crayons?). Right now they're both the same intensity, but during clean up, the turquoise came off the counters, walls and floors & my hands pretty well, while there is pink stained absolutely EVERYWHERE. I had to scrub with steel wool to get it off of the laundry sink, and there's some on some painted surfaces that just won't come off. Super annoying! So, I will let you know how it goes- with fading and all.

Much loves! ♥ Mishaaa~

ps. See post entitled "Updatey-O" for results!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Oh my goodness! It is summertime! And I've been staying true to what I've been saying all year- enjoying my summer as much as I possibly can, because it will be over before I know it. And spending a year with what if's and should haves is like, totally lame.
So, I've been living in a motorhome on a pleasant little island, and oh my, I LOVE IT. I work at a marina resort doing housekeeping, and it is such a kickass job! I get to interact with so many interesting people, and the owners are super sweet, and best of all... I can wear whatever I want. YEAH! I'm really busy all the time, and I feel awful and wish I had more time to blog... But between work, hitchhiking around the island, visitng friends, going to the beach, lake, and taking two ferrys to get back to my hometown... ayee! I'm a busy bee. I will try and set some blog time apart though!
Anyways... I have been having just too much fun! On Canada Day (July 1st), my two friends came over to visit me on my island. We made delicious dinner and went to a bay, where lots of people came to celebrate and watch the oh so distant fireworks... it was so great! I met lots of neat people and wore a really cute gold vintage dress... unfortunatly I didn't get to take any pictures of my outfit, but I will once I get back to my island! All I have is one picture... I think it describes my night perfectly. I laugh so hard every time I see it!
Oh, goodness. Well, I hope everyone else is having an amazing summer as well! I know I sure am!
♥~ Mishaaaa