Wednesday, July 8, 2009


...I broke my hair. Did you know you can like, break hair? Not snap in half, it's fine lengthwise, it's just... broken. Haha! No, well... I don't know. I tried to bleach it and dye it pink and blue last night and it just sort of turned out... interesting. I'm going to try and tone it in a little bit and see if that helps... eek!
This is a before picture... See below for the after. Ayee! The blue turned out really really dark and the pink turned purple, and they all ran together. Oh well! Hair grows back... right? Hm... were you slightly curious as to what my natural hair color is? Me too, actually. I shall show thee!
Wow, that was a long time ago. I think I was in grade 11, so... two years ago? I had some sort of undercut so the hair on the sides of my head was only about an inch or two long. Breezy!

Anyways. Uh... something interesting for you folks who really don't give a shit about my hair...
Misha's Product Comparison! *dun dun dun*
When I dyed my hair last night, I used two different types of semi-permanent color. Manic Panic's Divine Wine, and Punky Color's Turquoise. I left them both in for the same amount of time, and my hair was a couple shades off of platinum when I started. I found that the Punky Color was a lot more thick than the Manic Panic, and it smelled much better (think grape juice compared to crayons?). Right now they're both the same intensity, but during clean up, the turquoise came off the counters, walls and floors & my hands pretty well, while there is pink stained absolutely EVERYWHERE. I had to scrub with steel wool to get it off of the laundry sink, and there's some on some painted surfaces that just won't come off. Super annoying! So, I will let you know how it goes- with fading and all.

Much loves! ♥ Mishaaa~

ps. See post entitled "Updatey-O" for results!

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