Friday, May 28, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - May 28

                                   Basking in the sun... under a different tree this time!

      I have internet again! Hurrah! That's probably the most exciting thing going on for me right now, haha! I just finished my first housekeeping shift this year, and I am super tired! It was a very long day. Now, I need to figure out what to have for dinner. There's so much delicious healthy food over here, it's fantastic! I've accidentally been eating a really healthy vegan diet, because dairy products and eggs are super expensive. I really don't mind it at all! So, this week, I'm loving....
       ♥ Almond Breeze! It's really tasty, a great milk alternative, and it doesn't hurt my tummy like soy milk does! Yay! ♥ Sunshine! I love sunshine! There's been one sunny day in the past week, but I don't care! One is better than none, ♥ Tea! I love tea, forever and always. ♥ Zack's gonna get his ears pierced, and I'm gonna go with him! This excites me! ♥ Warmer weather! I know we're just about to head into Juneuary, but there's bound to be a couple really nice days here and there. I can't wait to go swimming in the ocean on really hot days, or canoeing in the lake! It's going to be a blast. ♥ Nintendo 64! Probably my favorite video game system, other than Super Nintendo. ♥
      Well, I'm super hungry, so the only other thing I can think about is food! I need to go start getting dinner ready. Hm, what to have? I'm feeling lazy, so I'm thinking.... pizza! Yum! Have a great weekend, my lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥

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