Saturday, May 30, 2009

candy candy candy!

Mmmm! I spent all my change on candy... and I'm SO HAPPY! Hehe.
I just wanted to say that I found the coolest earrings ever at the thrift store. They don't really work in my ears well because I have 6g plugs, but I make them happen.

Pay phones?! Seriously!! I love them, and they make jingly noises when I walk, which is super cool. I wore them the other day on a walk around town running errands and picking flowers...I really liked my outfit. I felt sorta vintage/rockabilly or something, and the cool part is, the whole outfit was from thrift stores! (Except for the bandanna... "You can't be both crips and bloods, give me that! Yoink.) I also found a bunch of body jewellery in original packaging at the thrift store for really cheap! I got three new posts and a ball for my monroe, a metal ball for my navel and a whoooooole bunch of nose rings... my nose isn't pierced anymore but I want to get it re-done, and I have some friends who would probably appreciate some more jewellery!

Oh yeah! Another random thing - I was stranded downtown and went into a funky store and bought a bunch of semi-precious stones that are supposed to have healing properties. Tigers Eye for courage, Bloodstone for good circulation, Peridot for banning jealousy, and Smoky Quartz to fight depression. I'll let you know if I notice anything drastic happen ;)

Lovelovelove! Meeee~ ♥

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