Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, I've definitely found the connection between those two words. My town has suffered hard from the economic recession, a once proud town based off natural resources forced to close down its mills and maybe mines? (I've been slacking on keeping up to date with the news, yikes.) Either way, it's been really difficult to find an entry-level job now, and lots of people are moving away to look for employment elsewhere. I, for one, have decided to stick it out in town looking for work a little bit longer... not to mention that I'm flat broke and couldn't leave this town even if I wanted to! Blegh! Thus, I am stuck in a very unwelcome spot... no job, no money to move out of my parents' pad, or get my license (not that I could anyways, I have an irrational fear of traffic, left turns, and driving examiners with sunglasses and beards), and no money for university. Not to mention, no money for fun summer road trips... I fear I'm being forced to sell my Shambhala ticket (WAAH!) so I can afford to keep paying my cell phone bill. Lame-OH!
So what in the hell does my money situation have to do with my blog, my dears?

Well! No money for me means no extravagant shopping sprees, or supa-cool new outfits, or lovely shoes... essentially, limited stuff to blog about. I could talk about how fun it is living without money... but that's lying, hahah. Besides, being jobless living with my mom just doesn't make for much excitement. Not to mention my recession-depression! When your day consists of eat, sleep, facebook, twitter, messenger and more eat, well, it gets to you. Especially when you're a socially awkward geek chick! Augh!

So I surmise that for you, my reader(s?) that this must have been a somewhat boring read. But, I figured getting what's in my head out was probably a good idea! And now you can understand why I fail miserably at regular, interesting updates. Excellent!

So, what did I do today? A whole lot of not much! I did kind of take some outfit pictures though, so here you go!

As you can see, I was using the fujifilm, but it was doing something funky... not automatically adjusting for lighting conditions or something. I tried editing them to bring them closer to normal, but a lot of the color was lost. For example, those plaid pants are bright red and black. They're pretty funky, remind me of a No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani, and I got them from a thrift store for five bucks! Mmmm. Deals. Actually, the butterfly belt came from a thrift store too... I think it was a dollar or something. I've actually seen quite a few of these belts in different colors, I may have to snatch them up. And the shirt, well, it's just one of those stretchy black tanks from Bootlegger. Nothing too special. Anyways, those pants are busy enough, I figure!

So, this concludes my blog post for today (tonight?). And I think it's due time for me to crawl into bed! Much love to everyone! ♥


  1. You just gave me an idea on what to do with my bathroom. It has hair dye stains all over the walls.

    Also, you look adorable.

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