Monday, May 18, 2009

I don't want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o' cola!

Things! Are! Getting! Better!
I've been spending some time with myself, started volunteering at my local thrift store (which could possibly turn into a job! Glee! Money!!) and while my social life is still a muddle puddle of confusion, I've got a couple good people to hang out with again. Even though it's pretty much summer, I've dwindled away my savings and getting to Shambhala is looking bleak, I'm alright. The other day, some good friends of mine and I went on a nature walk through the woods and to the ocean.. it was so beautiful!Yay! I found batteries for MY camera! It's not the Fujifilm s1000, which takes gorgeous pics... that's my momma's. No, I have the glorious HP Photosmart M425... a.k.a. The Grey Beast. It's only 5.0 megapixels, with 3x optical zoom... but it's MINE, all mine, I can take it wherever I want, photograph whatever I want, and drop it as hard as I want! (...Which is why I never get my mom's camera, I'm fairly clumsy.) Add Image Haha! Creepy face on tv~
So this is what I look like while I'm blogging, apparently. Note the fashionable double-hoodie action for extra warmth (Mother doesn't believe in the furnace going in spring, apparently.), and freshly cut bangs, complete with stray out of place chunks of hair! Woohoo! I also included a pic of my smexy desk/blogstation (I got the desk itself when I was about 8 or 9 from my grandma)... Here's a breakdown!
  • Logitech Quickcam somethingoranother- This is my webcam. It takes decent quality thingers, makes me look super pale, I likee.
  • Altec Lansing speakers (upper right corner)- MMM best birthday present ever. These lil badboys feature a banging subwoofer, and for their size and cheapness I would say they're the best thing that ever happened to my desk area.
  • Acer monitor w/ iTunes- Yeah. I like itunes. If I could get my hands on a really old version of winamp, I'd use that, but I find this is the next best as for organization and ease of use. The monitor, well, it's a monitor. I don't like widescreen 'cause it stretches all my shizz.
  • Burnt CD & Discman- It's how I roll. I never seem to have time to update my stupid iPod, so I have a gazillion burnt cd's rolling around. This particular cd is the first one I ever made! It's awful!
  • Cup o Tea- Essential. Orange pekoe with a bit of cream and a half spoonful of sugar, plz.
  • Other stuff- Picture of my dad and I as a baby, Mom's reading glasses, post-it with important phone numbers, electrical tape (?), lottery ticket (not a winner!), super-cheap optical mouse that came with our computer, pink cover for my cellphone (motokrzr k1m represent!) and... lots of crumbs. I like to eat at the computer.
So this is where my magic happens. And I was wondering, my faithful followers (LOL), if you would think it fun to share the spot where your blog comes from? Post a pic, write a story, anything! Lovelovelove, ♥ Meeeee~

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