Monday, June 1, 2009


It's so so so hot out! Finally, I'm so stoked. So, my lovelies, I just wanted to share some of my current favorite things with you! <3
  • Bud Lite Lime - Usually I go for stronger beers, around 8%, so I can get wasted quicker and cheaper. But these, which my mommy actually discovered, are amazingly delicious. They're light tasting with a hint of lime, and they're perfect for relaxing in your yard with some tunes, friends and sunshine. Yumm. Refreshing without being too watery!
  • Mat the Alien - One of my current favorite DJ's, Mat the Alien hails from Whistler, BC, which is surprisingly close to me. He's amazing, and mixes so many genres of music together into one giant muddle of awesome. There's dub step, drum and bass, different types of house, and even some oldies! You can listen to and download my favorite set here. It gets really bumpin after the first 20 minutes!
  • My Gwen Stefani Perfume - Do you love coconut? I sure do. Which is why I am absolutely obsessed with this smell. It's sweet and summery with hints of "Mandarin, Coconut, Apple Skin, Jasmine Sambac, Freesia, Magnolia, Coconut Cream, White Sandalwood, and Cottonwoods." It's definitely divine, except after a long night of Malibu Coconut Rum shots. Then it makes me want to die. I paid $50 for one ounce at Shoppers, which is more than I'd usually pay for perfume, but it's worth it... I think? I could always just douse myself in Malibu...
  • Cheap Flip-Flops - Seriously, it just wouldn't be my summer without them. Due to my disgusting lack of sandals (flats just don't cut it!), I dashed to my local Superstore and got a pair of olive green flip-flops for four dollars. Wow. At that price, I don't care that they're likely to break in about a month! I can just buy more! Oh goodie!
  • Sushi- zomgyumyumyum. When it gets to be this warm out, I have no appetite whatsoever. It seems like all I can eat is potato salad and sushi (Which is fine by me!). In my town we have this great little place called Katie's Rice Box, where you can get fresh-made sushi by actual Japanese people for under five dollars... It's wonderful! I eat there all the time. My favorite things are Sunomono Salad (clear noodles in sweet rice vinegar with nori, cucumber & shrimp), BBQ Eel & Cucumber Roll, Inari (some sort of delicious rice-filled pouch) and to drink, Calpico (also I have no clue what it is, but it's delicious!)
And finally, I am super duper stoked that I finally got a new bike! Well, it's from the thrift store and looks like it's from the early 1980's, so it's not that new, but it's new to me... and I spray painted it today so it looks uber spiff! It's a "vintage" (aka. ancient) woman's Norco Bush Pilot and it was only ten dollars! All it needs is a bell and a new seat, and I'll be riding it all over town. Since I can't quite drive yet (SOON! I SWEAR!), any mode of self-transportation is welcome. Mmm.

I want to ride my bicycleeee, I want to ride my biiiike~
What are your favorite things this summer? I'd love to hear from you! ♥ Meeeee~


  1. Bud Light Lime sounds awesome! I really like Montieths Radler which is a kiwi lager with lime so I'm guessing it's kind of similar? So summery <3

  2. You're definately right, it just wouldn't be a true summer without the dollarstore flip-flops ^^

    My favorite things about summer are the never ending days, when it doesn't get dark until like 10 in the PM >.< OH! OH! And I love the fruit! haha The grocery stores are packed full of in-season deliciousness now!

    Love your new bike chica <3

  3. Kate - Kiwi lager? With LIME!? Oh goodness, that sounds absolutely divine!!
    Missy - Mmm tell me about it, I just ate half of a mini-watermelon. Wonderful! :3
    & I love my bike, even if the brakes don't really work and the seat is sort of... firm... haha!

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  5. Bud lite lime?! Why has I never heard about this?! My favorite things this summer are homemade popsicles, fluffy sundresses and bike rides.