Friday, August 28, 2009


Hey guys! I have been fairly busy lately, with work and summer festivities... But all is going fairly well! I've got a bit less than a month left living on my own on my island, before I get to come back to the real world... ick! Oh well. I've started painting, it's so fun! I'll have to paint some more and show you guys. Aaand... I don't know, haha. Oh yeah! My hair dying! The winner is... Manic Panic. It stayed in much longer, and didn't spread all over my un-dyed hair. However, I did buy some blacklight pink Manic Panic, left it in my bangs for an hour, and it faded in about three days. I was majorly disappointed. Oh well, as soon as autumn happens, I'm dying my hair back to brown anyways! I'm nervous and excited. I'm also thinking of dreading my hair... but leaving the bangs and front bit normal. I saw a girl with hair like that at Carrington and it looked wicked! Mmm. Well, anyways, I'm going to get going... I think I will get my nose re-pierced today! Excitement! I miss it so much! See you lovelies later... Oh, and have a song. ♥

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