Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dress Looks Nice On You

Hey all! While carousing the internet, I found this list of 100 Date Ideas... I find this rather useful, because I don't know about you, but most of my dates involve sitting and watching a movie.... boooooo-ring. So I vouch to try and do every one of these! Actually, just doing these with a group of friends would be pretty fun as well. No more sitting around asking, "What do you want to do?" "I dunno, what do YOU want to do?" (Story of my life, ughh.) So here goes!

1 Make a bonfire and roast s'mores
2 Go to an amusement park
3 Watch the sunset
4 Go for a moonlit walk
5 Rent a movie and order take out
6 See a funny movie
7 Chill at the beach
8 Go stargazing
9 Drive go-karts
10 Go to a water park
11 Get ice cream
12 Goof off at the playground
13 Play laser tag
14 Stroll down the boardwalk
15 Go to a big stadium concert
16 Have a picnic in the park
17 Go swimming at a lake
18 Go for a long, aimless drive
19 Go to a party together
20 Hang by the pool
21 Bake cookies together
22 See a horror movie
23 Get burgers and milkshakes
24 Go paintballing
25 Make out in the car wash
26 Visit a haunted house
27 Build a snowman
28 Cook together
29 Go to the drive-in
30 Go ice skating
31 Go bowling
32 Go sledding
33 Go to a small music venue
34 Go to the zoo
35 Go roller skating
36 Ride in a hot air balloon
37 Visit the aquarium
38 Build a sandcastle
39 Go to the mall
40 Go dancing
41 Hang at a coffee shop
42 Go horseback riding
43 Watch a marathon of your favorite show
44 Go camping
45 Go rock climbing
46 See a romance or drama
47 Make a music video together
48 Play mini-golf
49 Hang out at the arcade
50 Have a BBQ
51 Go on a carriage ride
52 Go paddle boating
53 Go to the 24 hour diner
54 Play video games
55 Visit a pet store
56 Shoot some pool
57 Write a song together
58 Go on a hayride
59 Go to the circus
60 Carve a pumpkin
61 Fly a kite in the park
62 Go apple-picking
63 Go to a baseball game
64 Have brunch
65 See a Broadway show
66 Go people-watching
67 Go to the skate park
68 Go bungee jumping
69 Play board games
70 Practice hitting at the batting cage
71 Browse a bookstore
72 Go bike riding
73 Play frisbee
74 Go to a shmancy restaurant
75 See a kids' movie
76 Sing karaoke
77 Go hiking
78 Play darts
79 Babysit together
80 See a show at the planetarium
81 Visit a museum
82 Have dinner with the fam
83 Visit an art gallery
84 Get sushi
85 Volunteer together
86 Play tennis
87 Do a puzzle together
88 Go thrift shopping
89 Study together at the library
90 Visit the botanical gardens
91 See a foreign film
92 Head to the rifle range
93 Plot a world takeover
94 Go fishing
95 Visit a psychic
96 Go to a monster truck show
97 Go spelunking
98 Workout together
99 Dye each other's hair
100 Go to a poetry slam

(Yanked from under the Rank section!)
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  1. All of these are good but my favorite place for a date is definitely going to an aquarium.

  2. Ooh, that sounds lovely! My small city doesn't have one of those (we have a salmon hatchery though?) but taking the bus out of town to find one sounds fun too. :)