Saturday, September 4, 2010

how 'bout them resolutions?

    All this preparation for the new school year (which, sadly, I have no part in) has gotten me thinking about those darned resolutions I made last December. Did I actually fulfill anything this year? How about you?

  • To finish my college prep so I can go to university.
  • To save up some money.
  •       I've got about a grand in the bank, but I also just spent four grand on a trip to China. Practical? Nope. Exciting? Hells yes!
  • To go completely vegetarian.
  •      I was doing really amazing until Carrington, a once-yearly music festival/rave on my lovely island. I gave into temptation and had a really amazing hot dog and beef jerky, and on one of my recovery days, steak with mushrooms and onions. Divine and so worth it. I'm reverting back to vegetarianism, I swear!
  • To focus on more positivity.
  • To learn how to drive.
  •       I practiced about three times all summer. However, my mother and I decided that once I move back home in a couple weeks, I must practice my little butt off until I can pass my driving test. Scary, indeed.
      So, that's not too bad, I suppose. I also learned to skateboard a bit, honed my guitaring skills, made a tonne of friends, and made it through the Summer of Learning To Love Myself (All By Myself)! Okay, yeah, I am fairly proud. Watch out, Autumn, here I come! Ka-POW!

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  1. that's pretty cool, i should see my resolutions and check if i made at least one :) (the one i'm sure i already fail is to learn to drive, i'm not near on it)