Wednesday, October 6, 2010


     Guys, I have no idea what I'm going to be this year. This is odd, because usually I've got my costume figured out by November 2nd of the previous year. I'm hoping I will find something in China, but I'm not too sure I will... do they even celebrate Halloween over there? I have no idea.
                                                   Mens vs. Ladies... hmm.
     So, every so often I take a peek online and see what the costume websites have come up with. Let me say, the woman's costume section is ridiculous! Sexy tin man, sexy Brian from family guy, sexy flasher? Really? And a quick peak over to the men's section reveals a multitude of superheroes, movie characters, pirates, and villains- none of which are labeled "sexy". How unfair is that? Just because I am a lady, does not mean I should be expected to dress up as a super skank at every opportunity I get. Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with showing some skin! But when the media pushes that as the "norm" - girls should be sexy, guys should be scary? Fuck that. Dress up how you want, be it ghost, ghoul, or school girl. And whatever you do, have fun!

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