Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have been mega-failing at keeping updated, mostly because I don't want to take any rad outfit pictures without my good camera. I'll be getting some batteries soon, I swear!
So I never got those moccasins, because the oh-so-brilliant me spent all my money on another (super rad though!) pair of skate shoes haha. They were so flamboyant, I just had to get them...
Black and rainbow flower patterned hi-top Velcro inclusive Etnies! With comfort gel, air-pocketed soles, and oddly enough, underneath the shiny flowers is green camouflage print! They were only $50 at Winners, so I felt the need to indulge. Mmm they are so comfy!
I also found an amazing vintage gold accordion pleated dress at a thrift store, and I shredded an old black pair of skinny jeans... vive le punk rawk! They're very breezy though... Heh. Like I said, when I get batteries for my Fujifilm I'll take some outfit of the day/makeup of the day pictures for you. And you can see my new awesome (HAH) hairstyle! aka The Attempted Bleaching Of Permanent Black Meets Divine Wine Streakage. Patchylicious!

OH YEAH and have a song. Hot Pink Delorean rocks it!

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