Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Interesting!

How would the world look if humans suddenly disappeared? How about after 10 years? A thousand? Stuff like this really intrigues me!


  1. i randomly think these things and then write them in a notebook. it's funny to look back and see what sort of ideas or thoughts i came up with. i guess it's a diary.
    and i hope my comment isn't too emo- but i think the world would be a happy place if humans disappeared. i mean, at first it might look barren and wild, but in time, mother nature will take care of things and other lives still go on. animal and plant populations might alter a little bit, but overall, i think that everything will eventually sort things out, and at least there won't be all this pollution going on.


  2. I totally understand! I love looking at pictures of abandoned cities, they're so haunting and beautiful! Humans have done a lot of damage to our planet, and we're bound to disappear someday. It's amazing how the earth can heal itself with time!

  3. Oh, and I just realized that the link didn't work! I think I've solved that problem now. Or you could just copy & paste it, I guess! But that's effort! ♥