Saturday, January 2, 2010

What do YOU want to do? (& hair!)

Good afternoon my lovelies! How are you this fine day? I totally had a great idea for a post at like, two in the morning last night when I couldn't sleep. But then I finally fell asleep and now I can't recall! How lame. Oh well! At least I got some sleep.
So now it's a new year, and the start of a decade. I just listed my new years resolutions, but how about some stuff I want to do over the decade? Actually, this was my list of stuff to do before I die, but if I do it all in the next ten years, then I would have much more time to do more stuff! Yay!
Okay. Here goes... I want to...
♥ learn to play my guitar well ♥ become a half-decent hip-hop dj ♥ learn to skateboard ♥ and snowboard... ♥ and surf! ♥ learn to freestyle rap ♥ take a photography class ♥ travel around the world ♥ volunteer in africa ♥ learn to cook mad good ♥ learn to play the piano ♥ go to university ♥ learn to drive a stick shift ♥ design my own clothing ♥ actually make money doing something i like ♥ take a dance class ♥ or maybe gymnastics! ♥ try kickboxing ♥ develop my painting skillz ♥ learn to cut hair ♥
That's totally all I can think of right now. But how awesome would it be to just be able to say, "Look at all the shit I can do!" Right now I'm able to do most of the things on that list, but none particularly well.

Oh, and a random note: My boyfriend and I are flying out to Calgary at the end of January, and his hairstylist sister is going to do my hair! I think I'm going to cut my hair really short, for the first time ever! Yikes! What do YOU think about that, my lovelies? Long or short? Dye it darker? Lighter? Bright green? I'm up for anything! It's already been almost every color possible. (Want a pic? Just ask, they're funny hehe) This is what it looks like right now:
Mmm, half asleep bed hair. Tasty! I was thinking of doing something like the cut my friend Mallory has here: But a bit different, you know, to not be a total copy cat! Anyways, I hope you're having a wonderful day. My mom actually just volunteered to take me thrifting! I don't think she knows what she's getting into! (I'm a browser, you know, I have to look at every single piece of clothing in the whole store, just in case!) Lovelovelove ♥

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  1. I'm all for crazy hair experimentation! I've gone through sooo many different looks. I really enjoyed having a bob cut and I really like the style you posted of your friend. I think your hair color is really neat! maybe go for something even brighter but along the same lines or maybe mix in some darker burgandy tones?

    Whatever you do it's just hair and it's always fixable :) I'm sure it'll be great no matter what you do to it