Thursday, March 12, 2009

Iiiiit's Thursday!

Merry thursday! Today, I present to ye, MARS (Herve Re-Fix) by Fake Blood! Not only was Mars one of the most heard tracks at Shambhala 08, it's a butt kickin' tune that I am absolutely addicted to. And this mix is sick, as if the orignal wasn't ill enough. (I think I'm going to need some antibiotics after all this!)
taka taka taka...
I am in a very Shambhala mood! For your viewing pleasure, my dream rave outfit...
(and yes, I would wear it all at once...)
ravey ravey!

ravey ravey! - by mishabelle on

Ahh, bright and beautiful. Anyways, I'm gonna go dine on some spaghetti.
Toodles! ♥

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