Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Good day. I'm Misha, and there's lots of words in my head. I figured, getting them out and on to the internet couldn't hurt! SO. I guess this would be an introductory post, then. Let's see here...
  • I am a soon to be college graduate! YAY useless knowledge.
  • I heart my (crappy) car. '92 BUICK SKYLARK, REPRESENT! It's my first vehicle, and I'm sure I'll love my next one more, but I'll stick with what I got for now!
  • Despite being an apprentice mechanic, I looove art. Music, fashion, photography, yumm.
  • I adore cute stuff. Om nom nom.
  • Reading? Yes please. I totally dig sci-fi, mystery, romance, you name it, I'll read it. (I totally dig Star Wars novels haha)
  • Being a girl rocks but sometimes women are so crazy I pretend I'm my own gender!
  • UMMM, I believe in karma, and if there's one thing I live by it's love! lovelovelove.
  • And food. Feed me and I will love you forevahhh.
So, what should you expect out of my blog? I'm not sure yet, but I'll try to entertain. A bit on fashion and music, things I'm currently diggin', and if anything super duper cool happens I'll be sure to let you know. I'm at the point in my life right now where anything could happen, and I think that's kinda neat!

Anyways I gotta jet, will update soon!
♥, Mishaaa

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