Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What color is my hair again?

No seriously, I can't quite recall the natural color, other than it's a shade of ash and it's boring. Right now I'm rockin' the accidental black-and-almost-blonde (but more orange than not), always an interesting combination. I think it looks sort of classy, especially with red lipstick and dark eye make-up, but I tried to wear that to class and gangster-kid told me I looked like a hooker. OOPS. :)
If I only had batteries for my nice camera... oh well. Today I shall present to you what I would wear if it were not freezing cold out! (in smexy cell phone camera quality)Every outfit needs a rambunctious cat. It's this summer's must have accesory.

Ah yes! The quality! The presentation! Mom's favorite oriental-styled rug! Beautiful!!
I am currently diggin this right now. Curse you march snows... Anyways, here we have...
  • Brown cardigan - $30, Bootlegger
  • Black & White hand made dress - $3, Thrift Store
  • Grey Leg Warmers (under bootz) - $9, Wal-Mart
  • Brown cowboy boots - an amazing $1, Thrift Store
I wish I could get a detailed picture of my cowboy boots, they're a rich red brown with rainbow decorative stitching, oh yummy! And what a steal at only one dollah! I lovelovelove the thrift stores around here. Mmm.

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