Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today is Sunday. A typical, lazy, grey Sunday. And I feel like being a mump and staying in my bathrobe and eating nothing but cookies all day. So I will.
Viva le webcam!

I found a really old CD I made when I was 13. It's fairly amusing, and I just wanted to share one of my favorite songs on it. What a messed up child I must have been!

...Anyways, back to business. All this grey weather has been making me feel pretty low, and I know I'm not alone here. But my friend shared a tidbit of advice that brightened my day, and I'm passing it on to you in hopes that you will smile too!

symbiotics says:
dont get serious thats all i know
just dance and have fun
if you kiss dont tell
and be honest to yourself as much as possible my fellow chelo
is that how you spell chello

haha :) ♥ Misha

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