Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hello all! Are you enjoying the fall weather? It is freakishly windy out here, and so cold! I think it's supposed to snow soon... eek. Anyways, why don't we inject some positivity into our chilly autumn days by listing stuff we're loving right now! YAY!
  • Orange pekoe tea. I really can't have a good day unless it starts with a travel mug full of hot delish tea. Nothing smaller will suffice.

  • Verhext - This blog is super amazing! It has such a creepy/crazy cool feel to it! I lovelovelove the music she puts on sometimes.
  • Farmville - Uh oh, I'm addicted. It's this dumb game on Facebook (to which I am also addicted) where you have a virtual farm... silly, no? Then why can't I stop checking on my crops?! 

  • Maybelline Metallique Eyeshadow Quad - It's really all I wear anymore. That and brown-black mascara. How boring am I?

  • Krafty Kuts' These Are The Breaks - A great compilation. I love it. If you like hip-hop, breaks, and good dancin' musics, check it out! One of my fave tracks: Ill Culinary Behaviour. It's kinda cute!
  • Cheap champagne - Yumm. $12 for 1.5L of La Scala Spumante? Yes pleaaase.
  • Heroes - I am SO INTO this show right now. I just finished watching all of Season 1 and have just started the second season... Ah! I love it so much! Except for Sylar's eyebrows. Something about them just drives me batty. note: I just finished a couple discs of the second season and... I think they gave Sylar some eyebrow grooming. Seriously. I couldn't love this show any more!
Okay that's all I can think of right now. Toodles! ♥~

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  1. Aw, what a lovely list! Colour me envious about your gloriously cold weather.. I'm in Australia, and it is SO HOT at the moment! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!