Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hey everybody! Happy thursday! You've almost made it through the week, hurrah! So, things I'm loving at this very moment are:
- How when my boyfriend goes to work early in the morning he gets an extra blanket and tucks me in :3
- Girl Talk! One of my fave dj's. I know he does everything on a laptop, but still, it's AMAZING. Check him out.
- Cupcakes! They're so good. I'm making rainbow sprinkle ones later today and decorating them with dinosaurs.
- Power outages! Okay, so they totally suck when you're trying to get something done that involves electricity, but there's something so fun about sitting in the dark with candles and an acoustic guitar. Glee.
- Buying Christmas presents. I hate how commercialized the holiday is (my work started playing Christmas music last week, blech!), but  I absolutely adore giving other people gifts that they love. Hehe. If I had the cash I would be buying everyone presents all the time!
- Finishing Season 2 of Heroes. Awwe yeah. I am so so so excited for Season 3!
- Houseplants. I went out and bought two the other day to liven up my room- Thickus Stickus the Ficus, and Pinkypoo the Dracaena. I lovers them. :)
So, my lovelies, what are you loving this week? ♥

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