Monday, November 9, 2009

What I Wore - November 9, 2009

Hello lovelies! Today is the day that I DO things! I actually got up at a decent hour, made breakfast and took vitamins... I'm so proud of myself! Hehe. Anyways, I'm going to be busing downtown at some point, and this is what I decided to wear today.
  • Ghostbusters shirt (Winners, $12) I bought this for my boyfriend but it looks better on me.
  • Grey thermal shirt (My mom's closet, free hehe) I stole this from my mom. I think she got it when she lived in Alberta in the 80's. It's so worn in and comfy!
  • Sparrow necklace (Icing, $9) This is cute. It's also cheap and all the "gold" wore off. Dang.
  • Weird braided leather belt (My mom's closet, free) It says Levi's on it. It's funky. I love it.
  • Grey poofy skirt (Some drunk girl, free) The tag says Ardene. Oh well, free stuff is free stuff!
  • Two layers of tights (??) Gotta stay warm!
  • Brown leg warmers (Ardene, $5) Mmm, cheap and warm
  • Brown K9 boots (Shoe Warehouse, ~$40) These are a size too small, but they're warm and cozy and I'm making them fit.

Yay! And yes, cleaning my messy bathroom is on my list of stuff to do today. I really should get on that though! Love! ♥


  1. C-c-cute! Love your shirt, and that skirt is gorgeous!

  2. Who ya gonna call?! GHOSTBUSTERS!

  3. I love the shirt! I saw a kid on halloween with a ghostbusters backpack and I really want to figure out where he got it!