Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I Wore - ?? & Nov. 24

I wore this to check out the auction with my mommy. I nearly froze to death- but posing on all the vintage furniture? Totally worth it!
-Sparkly Gold Awesome Dress ($2, Thrift store) I got this thanks to a now-ex boyfriend about a year ago. It's amazing. The fabric is pretty itchy and uncomfortable, though. Poo.
-White shimmery tights ($4, Incognito) Sparkly. Lovely. 'Nuff said.
-Brown Dr. Martins ($4, Thrift store) I recognized the clear-ish rubber soles of these peeking over the edge of a high shelf, and nearly had a heart attack. The only problem is they give me hella blisters. Oh well!
-Black flower headband (50c, Ardene) This thing makes me feel like a fancy model. Supa cute.

I really need to get a tripod or a photographer or something. Rawr!
-Joe stretchy stripe dress ($20, Superstore) I really don't wear this dress enough. It's so cozy! And stripey. ♥
-Tights, see above!
-Black over-the-knee socks - ($3, Ardene) These are so cute. Unfortunately they are made for little girls and are cutting the circulation off to my legs.
-Black faux suede pumps (Not pictured, Payless shoes, $20) Hm. Lovely shoes. I might switch up for some black flat boots when I go out though, in the name of comfort!

And that is what I am wearing. Mmmm.

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