Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doin' Thangs!

     Hey lovelies! Today is the day that I do things! I've already screwed up by not waking up at 7:30 like I had planned (or even 9:30 for that matter!) but that's alright. I think if I share my list of things to do I might be that more likely to do it! Okay! I need to...
♥ Send those packages! They just need a CD and a letter and a bit more decorating!
♥ Go renew my drivers license! I'm actually kind of scared, haha! It's been two years since I took the test!
♥ Once I have my license again, I can use that ID to get my Passport! Hurrah!
♥ And once my passport is here, I can apply for university in New Zealand!
♥ But I should probably apply at a couple more places just in case that doesn't work out... eep!
♥ And I just had a 15 minute long dream about going to Fabricland and sewing hoodies! Now I want to! So, I will go thrifting and fabric shopping!
♥ Figure out what to do with my poor laptop... this morning I awoke to my antivirus program politely noting that I have two trojans infecting my system. Rats! 
     I think the drivers license and passport things are pretty much the top of my list... so I am going to go take the driver's test today! Ahh! Oh well, here goes! Have a great day!

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