Sunday, April 11, 2010


Just a little sheet painting we've been working on!
Oh my gosh, I am just awful! I haven't been home in a really long time, so all order in my life has just gone out the window. Not to mention, my Chem class is almost over and my final exam is coming up (eep!) and someone quit at work so my hours per week have gone from like, 10 to 25. Awesome. Anyways, I am super sorry for my neglecting of the blog. I'll try to fetch up some good music for Monday, and maybe throw in a few extra posts! Have a great day, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. hahah how did you get that picture on there... musta took it with your phone then sent it from phone to yourself in email or somethin?? while i was having shower ?

  2. musta done this while i was in shower ... loves you xoxoxoxo