Friday, April 16, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - April 16

Happy Friday, we made it! Hurrah! This week, I have been super duper stoked about the upcoming summer. The weather has been so nice! I'm stoked about...
♥ Trips to the lake ♥ driving around on hot hot days ♥ going to the beach 'till the late night ♥ camping and canoeing ♥ lots of time to paint and practice dj skills ♥ fresh vegetable stir-fries ♥ tea parties in the woods ♥ learning to swim even better ♥ watching the sun set over the ocean with my lover ♥ working lots and getting the big money! ♥ learning to crochet ♥ campfire night and smores ♥ road trips ♥ outdoor music festivities ♥ Reed's Ginger Brew ♥ suntans ♥ feelin' happy! ♥
Yessss! What are you looking forward to? Do tell me, and celebrate!
The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

ps. I'm so awful! I'm going to the post office today to figure out how to get everyone's giveaway prizes mailed. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten!

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  1. ooh so exciting ^^ I'm stoked that I'll actually have a summer with old friends for the first time in two years!! camping hiking and the lake will be my life outside of work <3