Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Curious Tuesday 5

1. If it was your birthday tomorrow, what would be on your wishlist?
♥ Oh, golly! A Canon Rebel XSi, a Macbook Pro, Serato Scratch Live (well fuck, might as well wish for new turntables and a mixer while I'm at it), new computer speakers, a shopping trip to a lovely mall, a yellow pleather purse, oh dear... haha! I'm at a stage of lusting for objects!

2. Do you look after your nails? Do you paint them? If so, do you have a colour that you keep returning to again & again?
♥ I try to look after my nails, but because I work with nasty chemicals and stuff, it's sort of hard to do. I keep them fairly short now and usually just use top coat, because nail polish only lasts a couple hours before looking icky for me! I do love bright colors for my toes, though! I'm in love with yellow and flamingo pink.

3. What star sign are you, & do you think it is accurate?
♥ I'm a Sagittarius. A quick look to my right gives me a definition off my favorite mug: "You love to love! You love life & the elements. You are bursting with energy & drive, certainly a little unpredictable!" Well, fair enough. I remember reading somewhere once that the body part associated with my sign is the hips, which is interesting because I've always had huge, bony hips!

4. What is something you have recently learned to appreciate?
♥ Hm... friends? I've spent a lot of time alone over here. Having someone to talk to is really nice, actually!

5. What is your favourite city in the world, & why?
♥  Sadly, I've barely traveled at all! My favorite place that I've actually been to would probably be Victoria, BC. But I think my ideal favorite place is somewhere in a warm desert, with no lack of fun things to do and see! The southern US, maybe? In Mexico? I'll know when I get there! 

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