Tuesday, June 15, 2010

       Hello, lovelies! Just so you know, I'm not dead or anything! I've just been dealing with a super-nasty bout of depression lately. I have a few good days... and quite a few bad, bad days. It sucks! All I want to do is sleep. I have no energy or motivation to do anything. I even stopped caring about stuff like updating my blog, and that's just awful! I'm going to try and get my butt back into gear.
       Today was a pretty good day, I shared a cake that I baked last night with all my co-workers and they all said it was really delicious! I also went for a short bike ride, and found out how out of shape I have gotten! I really need to exercise more. I can't even ride up itty bitty hills without my knees aching, and my heart pounds so hard I feel like passing out! Not good, hahaha.
       This is my birdy friend. He likes to try and steal my recyclables and compost when I leave them outside!
       My cake baking in my tiny oven. Yes, my oven light is just a flashlight!
       Yumm! I used this recipe, and it turned out great. Other than being a bit dense, you couldn't tell it was vegan!
     My self-esteem has been pretty low lately, boo! But, I took the time to do my hair a bit and put on some makeup this morning, and took a few webcam pictures! It made me feel a bit better.
      Anyways, how are you doing? It's quite lonely over here, I don't really have any friends to hang out with. If anybody would like to be pen pals, or just chat, then let me know! I'd be absolutely delighted to! Have a great day, my dearests.
ps. Have a favorite song! ♥ ♥ ♥ Incubus- I Wish You Were Here


  1. i will be your penpal!! i'm always quite lonely here too and i actually was looking for a penpal a bit ago. i can mail you some plugs for your ears too if you are still stretching and want them : )

    p.s. i like your new layout!

  2. awe, yay! okay, pen pals it is! email, or snail mail? and i am indeed still stretching my ears, i've managed to get up to 2g (though my ears aren't very happy about it right now, haha!). my boyfriend got a set of stretchers off ebay, but they're just plain white tapers. stretchy donations are welcome, though!

    and, thank you! i figured it was time for a change. i found shabbyblogs from the button on your blog, a million thanks! :D ♥

  3. you are most welcome! thank you also for the link i spy over on the right : ) i think i will mail you an actual letter. i kept the box you mailed me because of the beautiful artwork so i have your address...i better get it out soon before the crazy wedding week it here, haha. i'll have to look and see if i have any 2g plugs...i know i have 4g's for sure. hm. i've been packing up too...ahh busy! : )

  4. awe, well no rush! holy, i can't believe your wedding is coming up... so exciting! :D

  5. wow! great recipe! im going to try that tonight!
    and id definitely be your pen pal! my advice is to take more bike rides. they cure everything i my opinion!

  6. oh, let me know how it turned out! i don't have proper measuring devices so i kind of had to use a liquid measuring cup and old bent spoons to measure everything, haha! i would love to be your pen pal, hurrah! my email address is on my "about me" page. and yes, more bike rides are needed! :D ♥