Friday, March 26, 2010

Feck Yeah, Friday! - March 26

                                                                Source: Keri Smith (Via Gala Darling) ♥

     Hello lovelies! It's finally Friday, yippie! Today is an excellent day to think of things that make you happy to be alive! I'm grateful for my wonderful Mommy, loving boyfriend, quirky friends, and my kitties! I'm really glad that my concert/mexi-hoodie adventure turned out alright (with the exception of Zack having an asthma attack at the concert, boo!), and that so far my Chem course is going well. We're almost done!
     AH! The Tech N9ne concert was really fun! All the performers were really good (I really liked The Scale Breakers and Broken Logic) and Tech N9ne totally blew me awaaaaaay! Gah. Super cool. I didn't bring a camera, but it didn't really matter because there were so many tall people everywhere!That snapshot up there is one that Zack took on his phone. I think it was when the Scale Breakers were performing. I wore my brand-new Mexi-hoodie all night! Apparently they're actually called Baja's or something like that, pah. It kept me very cozy and warm.
     Anyways, what are you stoked for? You've gotta be stoked about something, because Feck Yeah! It's Friday!


  1. Dear Mishelle,

    Where did that lovely Rebel's Manifesto come from?



  2. P.S. I made a new and improved blog:

  3. As far as I can tell, that Keri Smith person made it... if you follow the link to her Flickr there's a couple more things like it!
    And also... yay! Checking it out right away! Very niiice. :)

  4. thank you for being there for me babe it was super fun but sucked for best part i couldnt even talk or move or else i couldnt breath even less sucked but you were there for me after it all am sorry for bein piece shit idiot after that all im so dumb