Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie Review - Where The Wild Things Are

       Hello lovelies! Last night I watched Where The Wild Things are! Because I'm like, super lazy, Wikipedia has a pretty good plot synopsis, if you don't know what it's about. 
      Amazingly, I actually really liked the movie. I don't know why, but usually I don't like movies (I'd much rather read a book, or go out and have my own adventures!). It was really sweet! I've never read the book though, so I'm not sure how close it carries to the original plot line. The director definitely captured a sense of adventure in it! It made me recall when I was younger and used to imagine crazy things (nothing that amazing, though!). I also thought the soundtrack was really amazing. It is done by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and it carries a very mystical and imaginative quality. The only thing I was iffy about was the ending- I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but I felt that it was a little weak. And also, in the beginning, I felt an overwhelming urge to smack Max and ground him for life. Maybe I just don't have a tolerance for bratty, misbehaving children? But really, if my kid was wrestling my dog and making huge messes in his sister's room and breaking things and yelling... well, let's just say there would be no chocolate cake and happy endings! Haha.
     Anyways, if you haven't seen it already, I would say that it's definitely worth watching! And coming from me, that's probably a lot. (I pretty much only watch three movies- Super Troopers, The Doors, and the first half of Romeo and Juliet. I'm picky, alright?) Have you seen it? What did you think? ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. i realy liked it babe i think alot of ppl would see it different ways. giving off different messages. while he was in his imaginary world tryin to help make all those creatures happy together and fix there problems was pretty much him workin out his own. problems. it was kool definately a buyer

  2. I really really really liked the look of this movie but honestly I got soooooo bored. I couldn't finish watching it. I have a finicky attention span though so I'm not sure if it was just me or the movie itself. All in all it is great cuteness probably one of those movies I'll have on from time to time while I'm doing things :)