Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mishelle's Super Giveaway #1!

Okay! After much searching, I have compiled the stuff for my giveaway. There is a total of four prizes to be given away! Yeah! So the loot we have here is...

Yes, there you have it! One of these packages could be yours! Just make sure you're following the blog, and leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite color, and why! You can gain extra entries if you either tweet or blog about this giveaway, just leave a separate comment for each to make sure that I count them. The giveaway will be open until Friday, April 2, at which point I will put all the entries in a hat and draw them that way. In fairness of others, the limit is one prize per person! Because shipping is totally ridiculous, I'm making this available to North American residents only. (Sorry, everyone else!)

Good luck to everyone, and have an awesome weekend! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. thats some great stuff you got there


  2. this is like a crappy garage sale.

  3. You guys are crazy, this shit is AWESOME.
    Who DOESNT want Street Sharks, a Pokedex, Trolls, or Cats Dont Dance?!

  4. HAHA how rude! I guess some people don't like random free stuff. Oh well. If you're not interested, you really don't need to leave a snarky comment! I am well aware that I'm like, a borderline hoarder, and that not everyone shares the same taste in knick-knacks as I.

  5. what a dicks... i think its sweet just like you . im goin to tell you my favourite colours but you dont have to enter me in the giveaway. although i do remember you sayin you got that nasa patch for ME lol oh well doesnt matter. my favourite colours well are alot but mostly green and like blue earthy colours i like alot ya .. love you

  6. OH and my favorite color is blue.

  7. Oh, Dear God, I need that "Taste Makes Waist" mug. I am cracking up over here. Also, that Prince Eric doll is really sweet.

    My favorite color is purple. I love all shades of purple & especially wearing purple eyeshadow. Plus, all the shades pair nicely with black, which is so near and dear to my heart that I have to force myself to choose other colors for clothing sometimes! I just picked up the coolest lilac colored t-shirt on sale the other day that has smiling doughnuts on it. Ahhh cute :D

  8. D: Mishelle! You're a goldmine of amazing stuff! Can't get over all the awesome!

  9. AHH WHAT ! SO MUCH, TOO MUCH OVERWHELMED. First off IS THAT A POKEDEX? Next IS THAT A SKY DANCER WAND? all of this stuff reminds me of my childhood oh man and prince eric<3
    love it all!

    I'm a follower of yer blog (duhh hehe) and my favorite color is yellow! I'm not really sure why but it has been for as long as I can remember.

    I really like the way it compliments things. For example Minnie Mouse's shoes with her red dress!

    Maybe it's because I live in california and it's all sunny. I grew up with Sailor moon and yellow is a pretty prominent color in that show so perhaps that's why.

    I slip in little tastes of yellow into my outfits here and there. You could even say that I have yellow hair!

  10. OMG, okay, I came back to look and see exactly which prize pack I had won & I must say, I am SUPER excited to get that copy of Fivel Goes West because I have never seen it and my fiance thinks I am crazy because I didn't get a joke on a TV show they watched that had to do with them singing a song from the movie. So YEY! (again, haha)