Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm Baaack! (Sort of)

Hello my lovely pumpkins! How are you this fine Friday? I'm still mega stressed (Three assignments and three labs to do in less than a month, AUGH!) and my moods have been quite poopy lately, but whatever! I think I'm going to go thrift as soon as I have a shower, and ride my mom's new bike to the mall. Yes, my mom got us a new bike! It's from Zellers (yikes!), and it's orange and has flowers on it and a "retro" frame... but the woman gets credit for trying! At least it has brakes, and changes gears, which is more than I can say about my poor rusty beast. ANYWAYS! Uh, about my trip! Me and the boyfriend flew out to Calgary last Thursday in the early afternoon. It was very cold and dry there! We went out to dinner at some fancy places, I got to go to a club for the first time (the legal drinking age is 18 there, over here in BC it's 19! Boo!) wearing this fancy dress from Forever 21! It was the first time I'd ever stepped foot into a Forever 21, and it was amazing! So much cute clothing, for so cheap! I also got to go to a H&M, but I didn't get anything because we were on our way out of the mall. Oh well! It was fun. We also got to go check out the natural hot springs at Banff, which was quite lovely! Here's some pictures! Brr! At some frozen waterfallsAt the club! Wearing way too much makeup!
At the Canada Olympic Park... wicked half pipe!
View from the hot springs! Pretty ♥
And there you have it! Now, I'm going to go to the thrift store, then finish my assignment and go do a lab and then go to work... so busy! Hopefully I can find some cute teacups to make candles out of... Mermaid has such great ideas! Have a wonderful day, lovelies! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. go to the hospital thift tonight from 7 - 9
    me and darcy will be there.