Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello lovelies! It's Thursday! Which is almost Friday! And that's wonderful! For the past couple days it's been sunny, which is amazing since I live in a very rainy city. It just fills me with joy! So, I've been super-inspired to write a giant lists of things that I love right now!
♥ Orange pekoe tea (well that's a given!) ♥ Sunshine ♥ Getting re-tucked in at the morning when my man leaves for work ♥ Helping out at studioCHU (possibly more to come on that later!) ♥ A Tribe Called Quest ♥ Thinking really hard about how awesome it would be to be able to drive (BY GOD I WANT TO) (ALSO: I WANT THIS CARR) ♥ Reminiscing with best friends after workouts and sushi ♥ Getting all my Physics done ♥ All this Alice in Wonderland business going around! ♥ Copious amounts of Fruit & Nut bars and popcorn ♥ Fallout 3 ♥ Days off from both work and school at the same time ♥ and of course, Me Time!

Yippie! What are you loving this fine day?

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  1. This post is happy!
    which makes me happy!
    you and zack need to come over asap I got the house to myself for 2 weeks! and Corbin just bought some turntables :D