Sunday, February 21, 2010

Magazines Make Me Sick!


     Okay, so I promise I absolutely never read these gossip rags, but my mom brought home a People magazine from her trip and I ended up flipping through it. Pretty much the same old stuff I really don't care for- Oh! She's so fat! Relationship SCANDAL! Get this look! Seriously?! These people don't have anything to do with my life, I'm never going to know them, so why do I need to know what's going on in their private lives?

     Anyways, I happened upon the above page, and I couldn't believe what I read! For those too lazy to read the picture, it quotes Beyonce as saying, "I'm always in pain! My earring are heavy, and my heels are hurting- they hurt all the time. But you know you have to sacrifice for beauty. You just kind of get numb after a while."

     ...WHAT? That's such bullshit! No one should ever have to sacrifice anything for "beauty". That's such a horrible message to give out to everyone! Beauty is about confidence in yourself. No pair of ridiculous uncomfortable shoes or huge dangly earrings is going to make you look beautiful, especially if you're in pain! It is definitely not okay to make yourself suffer for another person's standard of beauty. Ignoring your body just to wear something that's in style now is completely absurd, and the fact that a huge star is encouraging it makes me very disturbed.

      What do you think, lovelies? Do you agree with her? Or do you think that that is absolutely ridiculous? I'd love to know what other people think on the matter. ♥


  1. Ahhh my jaw dropped when I read that. Nice one, Beyonce. I totally disagree with her. A girl with a positive self image and confidence will look radiant in a hoodie and sneakers. You don't need to be in pain for "beauty."

  2. Listen to Lily Allen's new song the fear lolz it sort of encompasses all this mess

  3. I guess she feels 'numb' because shes not a human being anymore.

  4. I guess so! Haha she's definitely not the same as she was back in Destiny's Child... which, of course, is to be expected, but still!

  5. I agree, and disagree.
    I mean, I personally don't own any super high fashion shoes that cost an arm and a leg that I wear regardless of how they feel, but I do have a few pairs that are kind of uncomfortable, but make me feel confident and sexy at the same time, because I know I look good in them. I do also think you can look beautiful in anything you wear as long as you're confident in it.

    I think if it were horrible, horrible, pain, then yes, you shouldn't have to sacrifice pain for beauty. I don't think she should encourage it though. and she may or may not be, maybe she's encouraging it, or maybe when she says "you know" she means she knows that she feels she has to do that.

  6. That's a good point! I guess if the confidence boost outweighs the discomfort, then it's worth it. I think I would just personally prefer to wear things that make me feel great without causing too much pain! :)