Monday, February 22, 2010

Some Super-lame Advice

Hello my dears! How are you this fine Monday? I hope all is well! Over in my part of the world it's still cold and dreary (though there were a couple days of sun, yay!), so I just wanted to share some slightly-inspiring advice.
♥ First off, this should be totally obvious, but do what makes you happy. Really! Why would you do anything else? If something makes you unhappy, then change it  (or at least, how you view it)!
♥ I think this ties in with the first point- Live for yourself! I'm not telling you to completely disregard the other people in your life, goodness no! But really now, in the end, you are the only person that you can rely on completely. Stop living to make everyone else happy! I know it's really hard to do, especially if you have parents with crazy-huge expectations of you or something. But in the end, if someone really matters, then they'll want you to be happy.
♥ And finally, always keep in mind that you are an absolutely wonderful, beautiful human being. Yes, you! You are a brilliant, gorgeous, unique creative genius. There is nobody in the world who could even come close to taking your place. I know it, and I know you do too, deep down in there! Believe me, sugar, you're amazing. I genuinely hope you see it too.
♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT I can't even finish reading this post because I am too distracted by admiring your cute new banner!

  2. Awee haha thanks! My last one made me mad because the text body was so thin and it made all my posts long and skinny... plus these colors are so much brighter and cheerful now! Glee! I wish had sources for the photos I used in my banner, I found them all like 5 years ago when I had a piczo site haha :) Always been a bit of a hippie at heart!

  3. awww! your advice was SO CUTE. you are so kind. and i agree- the new layout is great.