Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day! I sure did- me and the boy went out for some Chinese smorg, and then went home and watched Zombieland (which was actually pretty funny), and 10 Things I Hate About You (absolutely adorrrrable)!
He got me some really yummy chocolate in the cutest packaging ever!
Awwwwe. Yummy! And my mom was so awesome as to buy me new shoes for Valentines day! What a sweetie! I got some dvs skate shoes... because I have the absolute worst weakness for skate shoes! Have you ever seen me on a skateboard? Probably not, because I fall off after about 2.5 seconds. I have horrid balance! So why do I own a gazillion pairs (well, actually I'm down to 3 now) of skate shoes? Who knows. But they're comfy, and cute. I like the ones I got because they're subtle, and not plastered with logos. Plus, the guy at the skate shop complimented my stripey toe socks as he was putting the laces in the shoes for me, and how could I not buy some shoes from him then? Haha!
I really really do appreciate fine shoes. I just prefer practicality over fancy, I guess! As of right now the shoes I have in my collection are: two old pairs of skate shoes (Circa and Etnies, thank you very much!), one pair of functional converse low-tops, one pair of slightly fancy cheap pleather boots with heels, one pair of 8-eye Dr Martens, on pair of silver 20-eye Dr Martens, one dilapidated pair of green silk ballet flats, bright green gumboots, some crazy DC winter boots, and one pair of black faux-suede hidden platform pumps. Oh, and random cowboy boots and leather riding boots that don't really fit, and of course my mukluks that have completely fallen apart. I really want to get them fixed, preferably with faux rabbit fur. Myes, I like footwear!
And on a completely random note- My mom and I just finished putting my mattress on a bed frame! Yay! My mattress and boxspring have been sitting on the ground ever since I got them over a year ago! I'm so happy, but now my bed looks absolutely massive compared to the rest of my room. Whatev! Giant beds are awesome!
Have a great day, you wonderful people, you! I'm off to frolic in the sunshine, and work! Woohooo, we'll talk again soon! ♥ ♥ ♥

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