Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming

      Hello lovelies! How are you this fine day? It's halfway to the weekend, hurrah! What has been consuming your mind lately? To keep my mind off of the present dullness of my life, I have been planning my future life! If you haven't already heard me say, I'm upgrading some courses right now so I can go to university in Christchurch, New Zealand  next spring! I'm hoping to major in biology and minor in environmental studies, or something like that. And I am absolutely so excited! But what's even more fun, in my opinion, is to look online for really cool stuff to buy when I get at that point. So far, I've definitely come up with a few thing I'm lusting after!
      ♥ First and foremost, I really really really want a Macbook! I love my HP Pavillion to bits and pieces, but I think that a Macbook would be really handy for going to school, and editing photos in, and maybe even for DJ programs! Besides, I've only had my laptop for a bit over a year and it's screen is all damaged (from an unfortunate shampoo explosion in my packsack! Boo!), and it's starting to slow down a lot on me. Very saddening.
      ♥ Also, I think it would be really amazing to have a Canon EOS 7D! Hah, fat chance that's going to happen while I'm a starving student! I'll probably end up with a Rebel of some sort, but I'd even be thankful for that! I adore my A-1, but since I'm just learning my way around a camera it would be nice to be able to see the photos as I take them, and not have to spend a whole bunch of money on film! When I'm rich and awesome I'll probably get a house with a darkroom though, I do adore old-school photography!
     ♥ I love Dj'ing. It's really frustrating because I never practice and really suck right now, but I'll get there! Hopefully this summer I can use the turntables when I move into my motor home, so I will get some good practice time! Anyways, it's sort of difficult too because I have like, 7 different records. It's hard to find certain songs I want on vinyl, and it can also be fairly costly! ($45-€65? Booo!) That's why having some vinyl emulation software would be really, really amazing. Any song on your computer (given it's a good enough quality), emulated onto coded discs! That's wiggity-wack!
      ♥ And finally... I know I still can't drive, but my boyfriend made the mistake of showing me a New Zealand website that's sort of like eBay, but full of used cars! I love love love cars (Hey, I wouldn't be an apprentice mechanic if I didn't)! Egads. I would like this (HAH I wish!), this, sweet lord this had underglow and a really bad (amazing) spoiler, hey look it's the Subaru I really wanted, and I literally cried when he told me that this would be gone by the time we got there! Hopefully there's still something really cool for us to cruise in!

Anyways, I really could go on for a very long time! But don't worry, I'll stop here. Is there anything you really, really want to get your hands on? Don't be shy! ♥ ♥

(PS. Wow, I saw "Booo" a lot! This is how I say it in my head...!)


  1. ok ill make post of things i wanna get my hands on... including you haha

  2. I love your list! I too would loveeeeee a macbook a mac anything computer. It's frustrating because at school all the computers are macs and then I get hom to my dell and there is a bit of a disconnect and I have to rethink everything grrr

    Also my laptop doesn't have a webcam in it :( and it's quite bulky.

    I've said it before and I'll say it a million times more I want a bike any bike as long as I can ride it.

    I'm so very thankful for my vw bug You will have an awesome car soon enough! Keep on trying!

    what is the situation with driving? Have you taken lessons or anything yet? Just curious:) hope you're having a lovely evening

  3. Aweee yeah Macbooks are so cool... plus, Photobooth. I have some webcam features on my laptop but they just aren't as awesome!
    Driving is so frustrating! I've had a whole bunch of lessons, but last time I drove I just got really freaked out and now I get really nervous and forget everything I learned when I try to drive! I think I just need more practice.
    You should look at thrift stores for a bike! That's where I got mine, and it was only $10!